D-Frag Episode 2 Rant and Review

D-Frag Episode 2 (23)

Hey guys, today I’m going to be reviewing and ranting about the second episode of D-Frag! Initially I only intended a first impressions review because the premise didn’t seem all that special or up to standards for me but I found the second episode so funny and endearing that I’ve decided to officially follow it. Like I said in the Winter Season previews post, this is just one of those really entertaining series where you can sorta turn off a critical eye to enjoy some high school hilarity.

D-Frag Episode 2 (11)Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

In this episode, a second Game Creation Club emerges, claiming that the Game Creation Club Kenji previously signed up foe is actually fake. Well that explains a lot… and totally explains to us why the members were involved in such crazy unconventional, not to mention dangerous antics in order to recruit a member. It turns out that the GCC claiming to be the real club is actually run by the president of the old GCC that Roka originally joined. Because Roka’s always been a bit… odd, she was sort of ostracised by the other club members. As a result, student boy President took charge and beat everyone’s asses for being so hard on little Roka. Consequently, the members of the club decreased due to, erm… fear. Since Roka felt culpable for the outcome of GCC, she ended up quitting. President Chitose then encouraged Roka to start her own Game Creation Club. This entire back story is the reason why the members of the other GCC were harassing Kenji while he was in suspension, demanding that he quit the GCC he signed up for.

At the end of the episode, the two GCCs decide to compete in the school culture festival with the condition that the losing club merges with the winning club. To be honest, it’s really all semantics because the competition is Takao’s way of being in a club with Roka again.

D-Frag Episode 2 (47)I found the members of Takao’s club REALLY AMUSING. Inada has a fetish for bishonen who look like bishojo, Sakuragaoka who’s actually a guy dresses like a girl (for the sake of club member recruitment), Yamada is a gentle giant who’s totally a pacifist fraidy-cat. A weird collection of characters indeed… especially when you throw them all in a Game Creation Club LOLLL Can’t wait to see how this school festival is going to go. Poor Kenji and his crazy game girls harem XD Exactly what the hell is going to happen next? I’m so excited. I find D-Frag to be the funniest anime this season and it’s a anime to de-stress from whatever work you’re over-stressing about.

– Cloudy

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