Kill La Kill Episode 14 Rant

Kill La Kill Episode 14 (3)

When Ryuko wakes up after being defeated by Nui Harime, she finds herself saved by Mikisugi-sensei again. She does remember that Senketsu’s been cute to pieces, luckily… the scarf of the uniform/Senketsu’s eye was salvaged. Ryuko was clutching the scarf when Senketsu’s body was shredded and now, the rest of him has been divided into the School Raid Trip students in Kansai.



And as Ryuko puts on a new outfit, Mikisugi takes his off to reveal his splendid nakedness as a devoted member of Nudist Beach. LET’S BEGIN YO!!

Kill La Kill Episode 14 (8)

The bulk of this episode is told from Satsuki and her Elite 4’s perspective as they prepare to raid the schools. Jakuzure at Kyoto, Gamagoori at Kobe and Sanageyama at Osaka while Inumuta readies himself on the intelligence networks for the operation. I love seeing the Elite 4 in action. They’re just so badass and loyal to Satsuki that you can’t help but like them. Looks like the Elite 4 aren’t just great individual fighters, they make some hella great generals. I love how every team is colour-coded. Yellow for Gamagoori, pink for Jakuzure and green for Sanageyama who I’m seriously crushing on now because, seriously, does he not look totally hot in his track suit? 😉 ESPECIALLY WHEN HE’S CASUALLY BEATING UP RANDOM GUYS WHILE HE’S ON THE PHONE.

Kill La Kill Episode 14 (28)


DISCIPLINE IS DEADLY, especially when it’s being administered by Gamagoori.  Even Inumuta’s calculations come into handy in taking own the barrier at Kyoto, though I didn’t understand anything he said even though he was given full subtitles… guess I’m just not tech-savvy like that. Jakuzure is right “one obnoxious jerk is effective against a bunch of obnoxious jerks” LOLLLL If I got a band that attacked in heart shaped music waves, I would follow Satsuki too and seeing how weird and retarded the other school presidents look, it’s no wonder Satsuki wants to clean up the Kansai areas. Most notable of the crazies is Kaneo Takarada, student council president of the Naniwa Kinman High School who uses money to fight his battles. No, I mean LITERALLY. HE HAS WADS OF CASH LOADED INTO GUNS. What. The. F**K.

YAY MAKO! I’m glad she got to enjoy the foodies and landmarks of Osaka as the schools are at war. SHE IS SO AWESOME. I was watching this episode in the library and couldn’t stop laughing when Mako forces a Naniwa Kinman high schooler to fire at her just so she can get enough money for takoyaki AHAHAHA YOU GO GIRL!!! (I totally get that excited for takoyaki and food too. No joke.)

As the Elite 4 wrap up their respective battles, it looks like Senketsu’s extra life fibers come in handy when push comes to shove. When Honnouji Academy’s pretty much conquered the opposing school, Ryuko arrives to strip the students of their Senketsu pieces… ROCK THAT MOTORCYCLE RYUKO! She’s become evens stronger now cause she’s still taking down goku uniforms with just Senketsu the scarf.

In the end, it seems like Osaka’s too intense for a simple student army to take over. CUE THE QUEEN HERSELF – Satsuki makes her appearance; it’s no coincidence that she’s holding the last piece of Senketsu. I feel like this episode went by WAY TOO QUICKLY – I WANT MORE! MORE!

Kill La Kill Episode 14 (52)

… I also feel like track suits are a bit thing. It’s like everyone has one outfit in their wardrobe for everyday use and then DEFERS to track suits as a substitutes when their signature outfit is in the wash… or under reconstruction… or cut to pieces. Can’t wait to see Satsuki and Sanageyama fight the crazies of Osaka like I can’t wait to see Ryuko dive into the fray to retrieve the last piece of Senketsu.

This episode was good. So good. And I’m sure next week’s will be epic as well. Kill La Kill forever ❤

– Cloudy

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