Are You Alice Volume 3 Review

Are You Alice 3 CoverThere wasn’t as much action in Volume 3 as I hoped however it did delve deeper into the intricacies of the “game” in Wonderland pertaining to the 88th Alice in Wonderland who was apparently shot (or so its implied) by the Cheshire Cat who tried to change the nature of the game. Since the 88th Alice still has the power to kill the White Rabbit, she’s plotting something to take over the 89th Alice’s role. (I think). Snippets of the 88th Alice is shown in scenes scattered throughout the book as a whole and what’s interesting about her is that she was the one who fit all the characteristics of “Alice” best, prompting the belief from other role-holders and even the White Rabbit, that she could become the true Alice of Wonderland.

Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

I felt unsure about the direction of this book. It starts off with a visit to the White Rabbit from the March Hare before returning to the main focus on the 89th Alice who’s just really been hanging around town. We’re shown a short back story of the Duchess and her kiddy friends, one which is furious that the Duchess had to give up her life just for the sake of Alice and the game.  What I found most curious in the story so far is the Queen of Hearts (who’s really this super hot bishonen), who hates the colour red but is forced to love it due to his role in the game. He wonders, maniacally, whether or not he may be the Joker instead…

Are You Alice Volume 3 (7)

The strangest part of volume 3 comes at the end when it seems like the world of Wonderland has been ripped apart and the question of Creator comes into play… who is Lewis Caroll? The internet’s already spoiled it for me. DAMMIT. But I won’t spoil it for you. Just before the book ends, Alice and the Hatter finally meet the Caterpillar, which in this world is a charming cute girl instead of an old pipe-smoking blue creature.

The scant handful of pages that show a girl reading the Alice in Wonderland story or perhaps writing it or perhaps dreaming it hints to the reader that the world of Wonderland does in fact, exist in story land. Though some of the characters are more self-aware, I’m wondering how the book will tie these two dimensions together and where exactly the game is going to go. Most of the characters have acknowledged the 89th Alice as Alice but it seems like the white rabbit is in denial, why? Argh, if only the translated copies were released quicker! Still, special shout out to Yenpress for a wonderfully glossy, vibrant and oh so pink publication of Volume 3.

Hope you guys enjoyed  this review and if you wanna look ahead of the story for spoilers, check out the Are You Alice Wiki page online. The internet has all the answers and spoilers you’ll ever need in life… sometimes too many. Anyway, thanks for reading!

– Cloudy

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