Nisekoi Episode 2 Review


Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

I would have really thought that Raku and Chitoge would make a better effort to pretend date for the sake of peace between their two “families.” Whereas Claude is intensely suspicious of the Young Miss’s love affairs, Raku’s yakuza boys seem relieved overjoyed that the Young Master finally found a girlfriend.Nisekoi Episode 2 (12)

Gorilla Woman X Bean Sprout forever… it’s gonna be a longgggggg three years for Raku and Chitoge. This second episode follows the manga pretty closely except for a small handful of scenes regarding Raku’s locket (for anime storytelling pace and purpose), Chitoge actually asks Raku about the locket. Seems like the children of yakuza and gangs are not very good at expressing their feelings. Both are pretty tsundere if you ask me, especially forced into this awkward RABU-RABU situation. Due to all the pressure support from respective gang members, Chitoge and Raku are forced onto a date. LOLLLLLL their tastes are so different and they disagree so much that it’s flat out comedic. The part of your brain that goes for convention and courtesy just needs to shut down when you watch the two interact. Chitoge’s totally badass, however and doesn’t hesitate to hold her own against creeper guys. Luckily, Raku arrives just on time to drag her off before Chitoge can knock em out.

Nisekoi Episode 2 (45)WELL our awkward moments escalate into even awkward-er moments when Onodera bumps into Raku and Chitoge in the park while they’re in the park being stalked by yakuza and gang members. I feel like Raku should just tell Chitoge that he has a crush on Onodera…  LOVE the use of mono-colour manga panels to illustrate the back and forth exchanges between Chitoge and Raku in front of Onodera.

Remember what I was saying earlier about their diverging tastes? Even when Raku attempts to apologize to Chitoge with a bag of red jean jam cake… it’s the exact snack that she hates. Maybe Chitoge is a little spoiled just because she’s always been the Young Miss of a gang, doted on and protected, which is why she’s not very good at compromising or working with other people *cough*Raku. And maybe I feel bad for Chitoge having to fake-date a guy that absolutely annoys her but Raku’s juggling his REAL CRUSH with his FAKE GIRLFRIEND which gives him the ultimate short end of the stick in this situation. (He’s not very good with animals either *refer to after credits scenes at the zoo)

I’m really rooting for Chitoge and Raku but I can’t help but feel bad for Onodera who’s so shy that she can’t bring herself to even own up to the fact that she owns the key to Raku’s lock. I expected as much from this episode because I follow the manga so I’m waiting for the storylines to diverge. After all, the manga is still ongoing… and things get quite complicated with the lock and key stuff so I’m interested in seeing how long the anime will go and how they’ll properly conclude it.

For now we’re just at episode 2 so I’m still on positive happy clouds with what’s taken place. Thanks for reading and if you’re interested in more of Nisekoi, follow me through email or wordpress for the latest.

Nisekoi Episode 2 (9)

– Cloudy

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