Mahou Sensou Episode 2 Review & Rant

Mahou Sensou Episode 2 (6)

Okay, after that pretty good magic anime opening, I expected a lot more from episode 2 and became sorely disappointed at all the boring introductory stuff into an academy of magic. I didn’t think the story would mirror clichéd magic genre elements as much as it did. Inciting magic incident, integration into magic world, main hero picking out a magic weapon that belonged to a previous badass…

Mahou Sensou Episode 2 (9)

Rating: 2.5/5 complacent clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

Mahou Sensou Episode 2 (2)Even more of the back ground information reiterated to us between Momoka, the Headmistress Subaru Magic Academy and the main characters was easily discerned from the first episode. We only really learn about a few more of the magic factions, otherwise known as, communities, that exist out in the Ruined World.

Mahou Sensou Episode 2 (11)I fell out of interest rather quickly because… I really don’t know what to say about what’s happened in the episode. It’s been following classic magic plot structure almost to a tee, making this review, short and uninteresting. All our main characters, except for Mui are trying to learn magic control and utilization in Class C AKA the Class of Hell where explosions and newbie disasters frequently happen. Even the bit at the end with the supposed shady antagonists really didn’t strike me as all that interesting. I mean, if you’re going to transport yourself with a magic circle, why do you need to bring a limo with you? The car doesn’t even move. The magic circle physically appears under it and POOF. It’d probably be a better space saver if the baddies sat in their individual sofa couches and poofed around in those.

Apparently the next episode deals with love fortune telling… and the high school randomness continues which begs the question, why am I even watching this? With the first episode paced so furiously quick, I thought that the high school elements would be a minor element in the overarching “Ruined City” world but more often than not, and definitely true in this case, we’ve been thrown into the pits of high school life even though the initial premise of a magic world had SO MUCH TO OFFER.

I’m going to give this series one more episode before I decide what to do with it. In retrospect, I almost want to go back to my First Impressions and alter the rating because of the quick spiral downward. For now, go watch something else…

– Cloudy

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