Nobunaga the Fool Episode 3 Review

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 3 (44)

A new character, Lord Shingen, who owns his own giant war armour mecha suit named the Fuurin Kazan, decides to challenge Nobunaga to battle upon hearing of The Fool. As the Oda clan is deciding on their course of action regard Leonard da Vinci as well as warfare on the eastern front, Joan is disguising herself as a man to keep hidden in the palace. I wonder if any romance is going to start between Nobunaga and Joan or will the two continue as strange companions.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

I’m really curious as to what Nobunaga’s ideals are. He takes no interest in his clan’s political motivations nor does he enjoy senseless battle because he weeps after seeing the disaster of war. Joan calls him a child, merely interested in toys doesn’t seem fazed. He decides that his single and most significant task at hand is to handle the war armour. As Joan familiarizes herself with the mansion, she soon meets Nobunaga’s little brother, Nobukatsu, who teaches her archery and asks her to watch over and take care of his brother. Joan’s awesomely feminist moment is when she demands Nobunaga to treat her as a man on the battlefield as she charges into the fray with Nobunaga. My biggest question is, will Joan turn into a strong and capable heroine or will she slowly pander into a useless side character?

I really wish Minori Chihara (who voices Nobunaga’s sister, the pink haired girl) had more lines! Nobunaga the Fool Episode 3 (7)But I guess in this era, women of noble families are confined to domestic spaces. Another I issue I have with the plot so far is that we’re not really given a concrete reason as to why there is battle between the clans, only that there is chaos. The mecha mix with oriental weaponry and design is really ingenious.

“My path will take me to the infinite heavens and across the boundless earth!” – Nobunaga

Who is the Star of the East? I think that’s one of the biggest questions tying into the prophetic elements of the plot. Though I like the use of tarot cards, I feel llike whenever Joan has foreboding feelings, Da Vinci’s like “Draw a card, it’ll solve all your problems! (or at least hint to the audience the gist of what’s about to happen)”
Nobunaga the Fool Episode 3 (23)So much is going on and not enough is EXPLAINED. Someone tell me how the other guy acquired a giant mecha suit and why The Fool is any better than other mecha. Is it simply because Nobunaga is the suit’s pilot or because this is one of those “he’s the hero so he wins” moments. In order to win his battle with Fuurin Kazan, Nobunaga agrees to a bond with a priestess who calls herself the Queen Himiko of Yamatai. Oh did she say bond? Cause she meant MARRIAGE. LOL WUT? After he accepts, she offers him his Regalia, which is a sort of key to unlocking the power of the suit… so basically it’s an upgrade pack. Joan acknowledges that she’s utterly unable to comprehend Nobunaga’s heart or mind (okay, maybe no romance but strange pedestal uplifted adoration and awe)

Also, what is Caesar’s motive? He’s watching the battle on the Eastern Planet from space and approaching soon I suspect.

A classmate of mine told me he was totally avoid the series because they’re skewing the characters so much in this strange feudal mecha mix-up and I mean, can you blame him? Nobunaga the Fool Episode 3 (25)Da Vinci has blue hair for Pete’s sake. I’m enjoying Mamoru Miyano as Nobunaga but I keep hearing the same deep voice that I hear in Rin Matsuouka’s character from Free! and that’s bothering me a bit. However Mamoru’s voice has the carefree edge that really pins down Nobunaga’s charm. Because Nobunaga’s portrayed as a character straddling the lines of geniusness and utter stupidity I think he’s a real challenge for Mamoru.

I’ve decided to keep up with Nobunaga because it’s really so different from anything I’ve ever watched. If given the chance, I will definitely want to view the original play to compare storylines. These are just my thoughts on Nobunaga the Fool so far. Let me know what you guys think and if you like what’s going on so far. Thank you for reading and I hope I will talk to you all soon!

– Cloudy

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