Tokyo Ravens Episode 14 and 15 Review

Tokyo Ravens Episode 14 (20)

Hey guys, I’ve been struggling with internet a lot again at my house again and it’s seriously putting a delay on my seasonal anime but today I’m really excited to be reviewing the latest two episodes of Tokyo Ravens because THERE IS SO MUCH ACTION – I LOVE IT!

Episode 14 Rating: 4.5/5 action-packed happy clouds Crop_45 Clouds Transparent

Tokyo Ravens Episode 14 (10)Episode 14 begins right away with Master Domam or “D,”’s attack on Omnyo Prep in order to obtain Yakou’s raven coat. The trap set on Tenma activates and his familiars succeed in infiltrating the building. As action plot demands, NATURALLY the main characters are left trapped in the school. Why didn’t they evacuate the same time as the students and make it out? Cause they’re the main characters. Duh. Don’t know Harutor’s point in any of the story because all he does is stand around. Even Suzuka has more of a role than he does when it comes to fighting because she’s clearheaded enough during the frays. TOUJI’S PRETTY COOL AS A HALF OGRE and the main group fights their way up to the roof where Principal Kurahashi sets a barrier on them to force them back. Unfortunately with Domam’s arrival, that doesn’t last long… in fact, the barrier shatters almost immediately. In Natsume’s attempt at defense, she summons her dragon, Hokuto and after it’s bound by Domam, she’s unable to release it from physical form.

CUE THE COOLEST SENSEI EVER – Ohtomo-sensei arrives decked out in his exorcism outfits, totally ready to hash it out with Domam. Tokyo Ravens Episode 14 (32)He’s even able to force open the seal that’s been binding Suzuka’s power until now so that she can offer an active barrier around her allies while the spiritual battle ensues. I have to say, I really didn’t expect Ohtomo-sensei to be SO POWERFUL. And when I mean powerful, I mean not only in spiritual strength but also refined in spells and curses. After much action and many explosions, sensei’s deduced that Domam is not actually alive, but a rogue ghost. Sensei’s plan is brilliantly orchestrated however, making use of everything in his arsenal to exorcise Domam. SERIOUSLY Domam is beat to a twisted pulp and then thrown off a building and STILL he’s not dead. The final exorcism comes from another of the Divine Generals, a motorcycle riding one, to be exact. Domam self-destructs in a mysterious explosion even as he’s subdued and being questioned…

I mean, there was SO MUCH ACTION that even the opening and ending sequences were cut out with credits appearing all over the screen. Strangest thing about this episode was Suzu-sempai’s involvement in the Taizan Fukun deity – and if you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s that little blonde haired quiet girl obsessed with always seems to run into Harutora and has a fetish for little girls (i.e. Kon)

Episode 15 Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

The students of Omnyo Prep are transferred to the Meguro Branch of the exorcism department in order to continue their studies. Seriously, I feel like all Harutora is good for, is story recaps and introductions… NEW OPENING SONG!! – I like it a lot more than the first one and it shows a larger cast of characters and there’s less techno…

Tokyo Ravens Episode 15 (3)

As the government lackeys are cleaning up the place, our main characters are wandering a bit. Natsume and Harutora revisit the top of Omnyo Prep to search for possible clues and encounter a strange magenta red head girl claiming to be a student of the school. Tokyo Ravens Episode 15 (9)She knows them… and introduces herself as Souma Takiko. (The brief narration from Harutora, about the encounter with Takiko being retrospect will probably come full circle later when the plot develops better). She knows something about the Taizan Fukun ritual only discloseable to members of the Tsuchimikado family and with these mysteries already weaving themselves out quickly after the disaster with Domam, our heroes decide to investigate. First Natsume, Harutora and Touji search through the library and with a name, Ryou Saotome, the whole group decides to visit Ohtomo-sensei at the hospital.

On their way to the hospital, Harutora runs into Suzu-sempai (weird quiet girl); seems like she’s appearing more and more…

At the hospital, the Director of the Magical Investigation Bureau reveals that he’s going to clean up Omnyo Prep by taking out the Twin Horn Syndicate. Thank you Harutora for asking the most obvious question staring in our faces, “Why is the Director of the Magical Investigation Bureau here in the hospital?” Suzuka’s already pieced together EVERYTHING (she’s not called the Prodigy merely on a whim). She figures into the equation the seal on her powers, ancient spells of Imperial style and the battle with Domam and deduces that he’s the right hand of the Direction, otherwise known as the Shadow. Natume asks Ohtomo-sensei why he was suddenly transferred to Omnyo Prep despite his spiritual abilities and Touji pretty much guesses that Ohtomo-sensei was sent to watch over Natsume. In the end, Ohtomo-sensei knows nothing about Takiko and she remains a mystery for now. Really, the most important thing to note between their exchange is that Ryou Saotome’s name is really Suzu Saotome, “a difficult woman to deal with.” SO NOT A COINCIDENCE THAT SUZU-SEMPAI HAS THE SAME NAME BAKATORA. Ohmigosh. That was some horrible dramatic irony.

The end of the episode begins the government operation to disband the Twin Horn Syndicate and Kagami, the Ogre-Eater appears to guard the students…

I wonder if the Director knows there’s a rat in the bureau because it’s been plainly obvious to us since the first spiritual incident during the students’ exams. At the same time, what the heck is going to happen if all the main characters are locked inside while all the action takes place outside? Whoever pieced together the story’s plot for the anime didn’t do it very well. It’s choppy and it’s pissing me off. But I’m really satisfied with the action we’ve been given so stay tuned for next week’s episode. Things have barely cooled down and they should heat up pretty quickly pretty soon.

– Cloudy

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