Nisekoi Episode 3 Rant and Review

Ah, Raku goes back to dreaming about his childhood dream girl… too bad his memory always blanks out her name… I’m both amused and almost exasperated at how similar Raku and Chitoge are. Even their respective gang members take a totally obsessive interest in the lives of their young heirs… as does their classmates. And then there’s Claude – who’ll go to profound lengths to “save” his Young Miss from the malevolent clutches of the Yakuza. (I’m really wondering why Chitoge doesn’t just TELL Claude to leave her alone cause she technically has that power within the gang, as pushy as Claude can be)

Nisekoi Episode 3 (10)Rating: 3/5 curiously excited cloudsCrop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

I feel bad for Raku yet I’m not sure what he wants to accomplish by talking to Onodera because he still needs to keep up the act and it’d be pretty impossible to juggle a fake relationship with a real one. Cue the insecure internal introspection as he stumbles over his words before his crush. AS IF GUYS COULD BE ANY MORE OBLIVIOUS. It’s so obvious that Onodera has A THING for Raku (thank you Shaft head tilt). And their conversation wraps up with the lovely drop of a key, the key to Raku’s lock?!? Oh my gosh, Raku, I just want to slap you in the face, how are you THAT OBLIVIOUS.

Nisekoi Episode 3 (20)

Guys. Never treat your confrontation with your crush like a boxing match. It usually doesn’t end well… For you.

Nisekoi Episode 3 (17)

And I’ve totally been holding it in for three episodes now, but what is with Onodera’s uneven haircut and the stray piece of long hair near her bangs?

Nisekoi Episode 3 (37)The redeeming factor of this episode boils down to Raku’s realization that Chitoge’s not as popular with the girls as he thought she was which brings me to one of the more pleasant moments thus far, when Raku catches Chitoge taking down notes on their classmates in order to make friends. Due to Claude’s overprotected-ness, it’s pretty hard for her to make friends and Raku suddenly realizes that he’s the exact same. I think maybe when they both get past their egos and the over-the-top arguments and really try to connect, they have quite a bit in common.

Nisekoi Episode 3 (35)

The episode ends with Onodera overhearing the RABU-RABU couple talk about their pretend relationship leaving us at a stepping stone into the next developments of the story. I’m still enjoying all the humour of the series, how its portrayed as well as the animation style trademark to Shaft.

– Cloudy

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