D-Frag Episode 3 and 4 Review

D-Frag! Episode 3 (20)

Hello everyone. I know I’m a bit behind on D-Frag in the last week and it’s because I had a crazy everything test and quiz and essay due – day yesterday on Monday so now that that’s all over and my next two assignments aren’t due for the next while, I’ve taken to catching up on D-Frag! In order to de-stress.

Episode 3 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

D-Frag! Episode 3 (10)This episode picks up at a club meeting after the challenge between the two Game Creation Clubs is settled. The victor will be decided on the number of visitors during the school FuF festival. After some game losses, Kenji gets sent to “spy” on the other GCC in order to figure out their plan. I love Roka in chibi mode. She’s moe enough for me and I want a Roka plushie to hug and hold ohmigosh. She’s adorable.

D-Frag! Episode 3 (19)Takao is also becoming an increasingly loving character. The fan service he’and lewd comedy over her chest has me irked and somewhat annoyed more than usual but at least she has something of a personality. Takao’s club members are really more interesting to me. Yamada, the effeminate gentle giant, Tsutsumi, the slightly perverted bishounen fangirl and Sarukagaoka the bishounen cross dresser.

D-Frag! Episode 3 (23)

D-Frag! Episode 3 (26)After Roka’s board game idea involving space quests and aliens… and porn magazines, her GCC club begins to brainstorm their school festival idea… seems like the club members don’t have that many resources. Chitose has political power (LOL), Sakura is athletic and Minami is… not that much of a go-getter. I guess Kenji’s normalness balances out the all the eccentric characters of Roka’s club. In the end, they decide to go old fashioned with a giant walk in installation of interactive games and Roka’s club does win. YAYYYY \^_^/ Roka invites Takao to join their club and the episode wraps up with some sweet heart to heart moments. Well, until Takao needs to take her “punishment” for losing at the FuF. I really feel sorry for her… chest. Oh dear, how far will the joke take us =..=””

I’m just curious, do you guys watch the end credits? In D-Frag, I find them immensely entertaining because everyone is chibi-ized and their club activities are shown in photo stills.

Episode 4 Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

WELL now that the GCCs have settled into one club, it’s time to decide on the Game Creation Club’s new name… and it’s all for naught as Minami sensei brings up the club’s real name… Game Creation Club (Provisional)

D-Frag Episode 4 (2)

I love the side labels on some of the punch lines (reminds me of Ouran) and adds to the hilarity of the situation. D-Frag Episode 4 (10)This episode doesn’t follow the GCC high school antics as closely as usual. Instead, Kenji’s gang runs into the Band of Fourteen Devils… the most delinquent group that was run out of the school originally by Chitose. When the Devils kidnaps Kenji and steal Roka’s game from his bag, it ends up being broken by the leader of the Devils, Kenji sort of loses it. As mildly as its portrayed, you do get to notice Kenji’s pissed-off expression. He even tackles the leader despite being tied to a chair. (Do I sense a romance ship between Roka and Kenji? Perhaps…)

D-Frag Episode 4 (21)Chitose is becoming a quick favourite of mine. Especially when she and the other members of the GCC take on the Band of Fourteen Devils all on their own. FIGHTO!!!!!!!!!!!! No one is a match for our formidable student president. Sakura seems content with sticking to her water type while Tako is tasked with untying Kenji. When two guys attack Roka, SHE TAKES THEM DOWN WITH DARKNESS. HELL YA ROKA! Oh wow, we even find out that Ultimate Darkness Roka Shibasaki was the one who broke up the fight between the current and past student body president. IS SHE REALLY THE SCHOOL’S UNDERGROUND BOSS?!?!?!!!!!

D-Frag Episode 4 (27)

D-Frag Episode 4 (29)

Cutest moment of the series so far, Kenji taking a hit for Roka when the leader of the Devils attacks her. SO ADORABLE. Ten points for Kenji for being SO COOL 😉

The most hilarious moment of this episode is after the gang heads outside and Roka displays the new version of her game, “The Scramble for Porn Mags in Space – VOLUME 3” and Kenji demands to know why the hell there’s a new volume of it. Roka replies matter of factly that games are evolving daily and Kenji, riled up from her composed answer hilarious demands, “RETURN MY RAGE!”

D-Frag Episode 4 (34)

I don’t know if I can condone these club activities but for the viewers who want something new and hilarious from high school anime set-ups, D-Frag definitely has the sort of elements needed to spice up the genre. I’m really enjoying the humour in the show and I wish real life came with chibi over-exaggerated expressions of the characters. I’m hoping the GCC returns to their club room soon and I’m excited to see what’ll happen next!

– Cloudy

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