Nobunaga the Fool Episode 4 Review

“Your life is your own. How can you not live your own life as you see fit? If you just wait for life to happen, you’ll die.” – Nobunaga

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 4 (13)

The battle ends quite suddenly with Nobunaga defeated by Lord Shingen. I guess the magical upgrade pact didn’t work out as well as we all worked out. Nobunaga’s still inexperienced with the war armour unlike Shingen. I’m guessing the main war concerns the power struggles with different clans and mainly the Oda and the Takeda.

Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 4 (16)The gang ends up on the little betrothed Queen priestess’s ship head and they head to Owari. The Queen of Yamatai of the Land of Origins. Da Vinci suggests the betrothal ceremony instead of an immediate wedding between the Queen and the Fool (West ftw LOL). I really wish they made Joan a bit more badass than this… she’s utterly unable to touch Nobunaga in a sparring match and really plays the role of divine seer rather than an indecisive blushing damsel. Naturally, the Queen can tell that Joan is a woman and warns Joan to stay away from Nobunaga. The exchange between Joan and the Queen are amusing though and they tease out some of the western/eastern stereotypical misunderstandings between the two planets. I guess Joan’s not use to eastern ways and prefers a bed over straw mats. Unable to sleep, she strolls outside drawn by the sound of the princess’s voice. Joan then meets Nobunaga’s sister.

I liked seeing a flash of Joan’s past as well; seems like her ability to see glimpses of the future has been with her since a child and I wonder if her character will make it past fan service and two dimensional singular flashbacks. I’m curious to see how the characters’ relationships will unfold, especially that of the Nobunaga siblings.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 4 (29)

The theme of mysticism prevails even in the midst of all these hardcore politics and mecha battles. Each episode is named after one of the Major Arcana cards and if Nobunaga extends into the spring season, we’ll hit all twenty-one cards. This weird world order fusing both elements of science and magic is boggling my mind because I don’t know how Da Vinci can build mecha armour with knowledge of chemistry, some form of engineering and physics and then spout off some prophetic verses about Nobunaga being the golden dragon that will save the world.

This time, it’s Mitsuhide’s turn to draw a card from Da Vinci’s tarot. He comes upon The Magician, Reversed and wonders if Nobunaga is the Magician.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 4 (41)

The episode wraps up with Nobunaga’s betrothal ceremony… and a live concert courtesy of Western technology starring Ichihime. Wow, it must be jarring for eastern commoners to see the Queen of Yamatai in a western fashioned dress and even Nobunaga all dressed up with his hair slicked back. Da Vinci really need to stop meddling in everyone’s lives but IT’S ALL SO AMUSING. THERE’S EVEN A CAKE. MY GOSH I’m gonna get Da Vinci to plan my wedding when that day comes. The foreshadowing moment comes when Nobunaga brings down his sword on the cake (and crowd), the immensity of his presence and power striking into the hearts of all.

I guess I like how Nobunaga’s proceeding so far. Fair pace, fair plot. The story is really following the whole “hero will fulfill prophecy and safe the world” pattern I think. I’m wondering how much historical accuracy is thrown in there mixed into the original play. We’ll have to keep watching to see where it’s going. I’m feeling pretty neutral after episode 4 guys. What do you think?

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 4 (42)

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