Nisekoi Episode 4 Review

Nisekoi Epiosde 4 (11)

We’re getting into that part of the plot where Onodera is starting to figure out what to do with her feelings for Ichijo. Ruri encourages her to go after her feelings despite Ichijo’s relationships status… and it gets INTERSTING. In a high school harem love story where everyone’s evading their crush and internally panicking and overreacting, it’s refreshing to have at least one character like Ruri who’s so brutally honest it’s HILARIOUS.

Nisekoi Epiosde 4 (9)

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

This episode gets a steady high rating because of all the comedy jammed packed into the twenty-five minutes… in Ruri’s attempts to create “openings” for Onodera, everyone except Ruri (and Maiko that tags along) is super nervous; Onodera because the room totally smells like Ichijo, Raku because the girl of his dreams is coming over and Chitoge because… she’s never been in a study group before (LOL)

Nisekoi Epiosde 4 (12)

Nisekoi Epiosde 4 (32)It’s always the study group that never studies, isn’t it? It’s so funny how cute Onodera gets when she’s nervous and jittery around Raku. At the same time, Raku’s just panicking because he’s in close proximity of Onodera. Cue the smart and sassy heroine Chitoge who rocks the Japanese curriculum as high as she scores in the American one. I wonder if Raku will ever get to the “I might like Kirisaki…” state. When Chitoge accidentally makes girl talk with Onodera asking her if she has someone she crushes on, she almost blows their couple cover… and then Maiko makes it worse LOLLLLLLLLL The barfing liquids out of shock and embarrassment gag is repeatedly used in this episode. Raku’s forced to tell Maiko the truth and in return he reveals that Onodera most likely has a crush on Raku. Well at least the story’s character’s feelings are proceeding quickly. After all, we’re pretty much a quarter of the way through the season as of this week of Nisekoi (or maybe we’re not…)

The last half of the anime’s episode is really one of my favourite parts of the manga (at least in the opening parts) because it’s the first time Raku sort of gets in a serious and perhaps “something more” mood with Chitoge. Raku’s yakuza lackeys shove the two into a storage shack in order to give their young master an opportunity. Since Chitoge accidentally trapped herself in a washing machine for five hours when she was a kid, she developed a fear for dark and cramped spaces. They start talking to calm Chitoge’s mind… topics like… how great Onodera is =.= and the social hype on one’s first kiss… When they decide to climb out the storage shack to escape, Chitoge trips and lands on Raku in a rather… questionable position… It might have even gone somewhere if Claude hadn’t burst into the shack… followed by Onodera and Ruri. AWKWARDNESS TO THE MAX.

What do you guys think after this episode? Do you think Raku and Chitoge have a chance in the anime or will more elements of the manga be dragged into the plot thus complicating things along the way. Overall, I felt that Shaft’s animation made this episode all the more enjoying. Check out all that nice landscape and the sparkly glowy moments between Raku and Chitoge ❤

– Cloudy

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