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Hey guys, how are you all?


I’ve been super busy these last few days just because of all the Chinese New Year’s festivities but regular reviews will be returning this week. As February dawns upon us, here are the five anime series I’m still keeping up with at the moment. It’s unfortunate that I can only review five due to schoolwork and other commitments but there must be limits. I really wanted to officially follow Hamatora but I’m not very good at critiquing mystery anime. Maybe later down the road I’ll dip my toes deeper into that genre (for now I’m following it unofficially). This week be sure to look out for…

Nisekoi Episode 4

Kill La Kill Episode 15 and 16 Rant

Tokyo Ravens Episode 16 and 17 Review

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 5 Review

D-Frag! Episode 5 Review

I also finished the full Strobe Edge manga because the end of volume 8 left me in a really awful cliff hanger point in the plot so that’ll be up as well.

This weekend I FINALLY FINALLY got around to watching Frozen and I know I am so behind on the hype but I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to write up my thoughts and post them. I’ve also become relatively obsessed with the soundtrack lately…

If any reviews are delayed, it’s because I have two big essays due next Monday but I’ll try my best to have all these up by the end next week. As well, another Out of the Box feature is coming soon!

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– Cloudy

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