Kill La Kill Episode 15 and 16 Rant

These last two weeks of Kill La Kill have been KILLER. We left off at a crazy cliff hanger with Senketsu chopped to pieces after Ryuko’s encounter with Nui. At the same time Satsuki’s Tri-City Schools raid is underway with Osaka being the last to submit.

Kill La Kill Episode 5 (8)


Episode 15 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Kill La Kill Episode 5 (13)Kill La Kill Episode 5 (31) Kill La Kill Episode 5 (35)

Kill La Kill Episode 5 (12)

Satsuki easily scares the masses into surrendering but the big dogs, not so much. There’s a giant golden crab mecha thing and well, that’s not the most important part. The most important part is GETTING TO SEE THE ELITE FOUR TRANSFORM IN THEIR NEW THREE STAR UNIFORMS. Just as the raid wraps up, Ryuko steps into the fray on her quest to reassemble Senketsu. We also get to learn a new tidbit about the Kamui transformation process. When a Kamui awakens, it generates a bio-energy flow throughout its life fibers and with one last piece of Senketsu missing, Ryuko’s unable to transform. Ryuko makes a bold move to use her skin to finish the bio-energy cycle (which only lasts about a minute) and IN THAT MINUTE SHE TAKES her globe back from Satsuki… I wish it had gone more dramatic but I guess they sped through the Senketsu collection process to get into the REAL BATTLE.

Kill La Kill Episode 5 (19)

When the troops of Nudist Beach arrive at the scene, we find out that the true intent of the Tri-City School Raid was to smoke out rebel forces in the area and DAMN DO THINGS FIRE UP between the Elite 4 and the members of Nudist Beach.

Kill La Kill Episode 5 (39)You just know the battle’s going to be EPIC when the combatants are wearing Kamuis… even more so since the two of them are Ryuko and Satsuki. Ryuko goes through a number of the transformations from blade mode to flying mode. Even Satsuki needs to ride atop Jakuzure in order to combat in aerial mode. However, it still seems like Satsuki’s a lot more refined in battle than Ryuko. Seems like everyone’s fighting their own battles… even Mako.

When Ryuko and Satsuki hit a draw, Ryuko suggests a truce and upon the lowering of blades, Jakuzure destroys the entire Nudist Beach organization and finally retreats. Everyone lives to fight another day…

Episode 16 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent



So anyway, both sides are recuperating and both Ryuko and Satsuki are being told secrets that their allies previously withheld. Kill La Kill Episode 16 (31)It’s really the same story on both sides but with a slightly different perspective. The contrast between Kamui-users is that Ryuko doesn’t seem irked at all from prolonged uses of Senketsu whereas Satsuki’s kamui needs to be subdued after its powers have been activated for a while.

Really creepy moment when the plane is hijacked by Nui Harime. But the biggest character reveal here is that Iori is actually the NEPHEW of the BUTLER. LOL WUT? Okay. Moving on… so, Nudist beach tells Ryuko about her father’s past and the formation of the organization.  In a nutshell, the life fibers were sort of alien life forms that made contact with men through asteroid falls. The clothing caused evolution in man and once man had progressed, they went dormant.  At the Kiryuuin Residence Fiber Palace Forbidden Room, we actually get to see this asteroid space terrestrial rock-like thing that caused this. Nudist Beach’s intent is to stop the exploitation of life fibers by the Kiryuuin corporation.

Kill La Kill Episode 16 (33)Kill La Kill Episode 16 (35)

Senketsu gets panicky and realizes that he’s been feeding off Ryuko.The Kamui was actually created by Dr. Matoi to battle life fibers. Kill La Kill Episode 16 (52)Ryuko’s the only one who can really WEAR the kamui because she’s somehow extraordinarily resistant to life fibers (Needs more back story). Aikurou explains to Ryuko and Senketsu that they are the hope of mankind but Ryuko refuses to use Senketsu as a weapon… Senketsu’s memories gradually come back. When Ryuko refuses to fight, Mohawk man points the gun at her (and how I’ve missed his two pieces of information)

FINALY STAGE OF THE KIYUUIN PLAN –  Great Culture and Sports Festival… thank you high school world oriented reference… what is it suppose to mean??!?!? I mean, we’ve already had our full out battle royale, what more is there to see at Honnouji Academy? I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Kill La Kill Episode 16 (53)Kill La Kill Episode 16 (54)

AHHH I’m sorry this rant was so late, Chinese New Year made me so busy lately but I did get to watch the new episodes with my dad at home which was a real treat. I’m really looking forward to Thursday’s new episode of Kill La Kill as well as the development of the plot from this underlying motive reveal. I ALSO can’t, can’t, can’t wait for the release of the full official opening and ending because they are SO GOOD. Mako’s adorable and I’m so glad she had an ending all to herself. She deserves it.

For those of you convention-goers, I’m planning on cosplaying as Jakuzure. I have yet to decide on the goku uniform or the track suit version. What do you guys think is better?

– Cloudy

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