Nobunaga the Fool Episode 5 Review, Rant and Thoughts Thus Far…

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 5 (46)

I think I’m having second thoughts on this strange amalgamation of mecha and magic because I have NO IDEA where they’re going with this. What is all this hype about? Are they taking a political route in the plot or is it all wholly based on vague terms like destruction, salvation, prophecy, and destiny?

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

So, Nobunaga is losing political support in his own clan while the Takeda forces continue to rally against the Odas…. Ichihime doing her mysterious thing, the little Queen is taking a bath, Ranmaru/Joan is practicing calligraphy.

“When spring comes, ice melts. I will be myself on the water’s surface.”

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 5 (25)When Nobunaga decides to attack the Takedas in the middle the night, he’s shot by a tranquilizer and paralyzed just before the Takedas launch their own surprise attack. But it turns out the Mitsuhide was the one who poisoned/paralyzed Nobunaga in order to stave off the assassination attacks from others. MItsuhide advises Nobunaga to hold off on aiding the Oda forces until they reach a point of desperation in which Nobunaga will sweep in and save the day.

I get the feeling that the characters know what’s going on as do the creators of the story, but no clear outline of plot has been presented to us which generates A LOT of uncertainty among viewers. I mean, the action is cool, as is the animation but not much has been ascertained from dialogue or perceived events. Seems like everyone’s thinking A LOT but no one’s telling us anything!!

Cue Gaius Julius Caesar… who claims to be a brother of King Arthur’s Round Table. Thank you Japanese writers for putting Roman generals in medieval times, giving him a phantom of the opera mask and letting him charge into battle with a giant mecha suit cause he’s got a crush on Nobunaga’s sister. We needed that. Really. REEEAAALLLLLY.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 5 (1)

Oh by the way, we had to waste like seven minutes of the episode trying to figure out how to “activate” the regalia… it requires blood from the owner. BIG SURPRISE.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 5 (41)Some friends are telling me that they’ve given up on the show because they have no idea what’s going on while others are totally hooked because of the spectacular cast…  What do you guys think? What’s motivating Caesar, what’s motivating Nobunaga? Can we really just let our viewer minds rely on Da Vinci and Joan’s “divine intervention?!?” I mean, you can’t just BUILD A WHOLE PLOT ON AN ALL POWERFUL OMNIPOTENT FORCE. The tarot card following the name of the episode hints at what’s happening in the plot and really if you think about it and someone gave us the names of all the episodes, we could probably sort of figure out where Nobunaga will end up.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 5 (44)

Caesar just randomly killed Nobuhide in the “climax” of this episode. Whoa there buddy. Did we really need unnecessary violence? Nobunaga spirals into a rage after witnessing the death of his father and we flash into the moments after battle when Nobuhide is speaking his last words…

Perhaps for Japanese anime viewers who originally have knowledge of the play, all of this would make more sense but I don’t know where this is going. Nobunaga swears that he will never forgive “him” but is “him referring to Caesar who murdered his father or Mitsuhide who orchestrated Nobunaga’s circumstances so Nobuhide was forced to fight? I mean, Nobuhide sort of had to die in the story because he was really the only tangible higher power keeping Nobunaga from fighting who he wants to fight with the Fool so is this a turning point in the story? Sort of maybe? The death causes political instability within the clan, power struggles of inner-clan factions while Nobunaga’s driven to action aside from all the politics he’s disinterested in. I am seriously considering dropping the series because of its awkward plot pacing.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 5 (21)

And really, why do other characters even exist at this point? They exist to uplift this all great character “The Fool” who has all these gut feelings of bad things and instincts of when to fight or what to do. Everyone looks on at Nobunaga in awe and they’ve become mindless secondary worshippers who don’t contribute much… ESPECIALLY THE WOMEN. For Pete’s sake, if you’re going to put modern technology and mecha into the plot, couldn’t you at least throw a few feminist elements in there? Joan has become a passive observer, the Queen’s a brat who only cares about marrying Nobunaga and maybe, JUST MAYBE, Ichihime has a bigger role in the series because of the ambiguous dialogue Nobuhide tells her just before he enters battle.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 5 (42)

Conclusion…? I need to make better choices when choosing what anime to watch *flips table* From what I can discern in the poll and what I got from the forums was that this is the series that most people are watching this season because of all the duds. I mean, I don’t consider myself a particularly negative reviewer but this show is forcing my hand to bring it down on the chopping block. Fans are dropping shows left and right because they are just not good this season. If you’re watching Nobunaga the Fool with me, let me know what you think because at this point, I am not happy.

– Cloudy

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