Tokyo Ravens Episode 16 and 17 Rant and Review

Tokyo Ravens Episode 16 (5)

Natsume’s class is being “protected” by the Ogre Eater Divine General as the Twin Horn Syndicate is being taken down. The group meets Kagami’s familiar, Shaver – a super dangerous familiar that the Omnyo Agency has forbidden Kagami from using… he’s kind of bi-polar, swapping from clumsy and innocent to hella creepy and psychopathic in an instance. I really wonder how Kagami reigned in Shaver… and how Ohtomo-sensei ever reigned in Kagami.

Episode 16 Review: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Tokyo Ravens Episode 16 (7)Kagami asks Harutora to explain the entirety of the fight between Ohtomo and Domam. After Harutora finishes explaining things, Kagami states that his Harutora’s spirit power is sloppy, the gears and the power don’t match because Harutora wasn’t born a spirit seer. This episode is more of a transition episode for Harutora and the others because things really blow up in everyone’s face once we get to episode 17. Kagami gives Harutora a reality check slap in the face when he blatantly points out that the Omnyo world is based on ability. Those who have natural talent will rise to the top while those who just don’t have it takes won’t get anywhere in life.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 16 (16)On the other side of the story, we’re finally given some information about the Twin Horn Syndicate… the difference between the crazed mindless fanatics who just enjoy unity in mob-mentality versus the more powerful Yakou devotees who are perhaps found in higher administrative levels of the Omnyo Agency… With the Divine Fan Amami Daizan as leader of the operation, it’s no surprise that he’s able to weed out Hirata amidst the chaos… I have to say that I really love this battle between Hirata and Amami. You can really see how the pros differ from the amateurs. Professional exorcists like Amami are powerful in their own way and so subtle about it that you don’t even know you’re under his control until he’s cornered you… THE FAN IS NOT JUST FOR SHOW!!!

It’s revealed that the Yakou devotees are actually separated into two groups – one being the Twin Horn Syndicate, the other, the Omnyo Prep Academy…

Episode 17 Review: 5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

Tokyo Ravens Episode 17 (3)

I didn’t expect this cult following of Yakou to become such a prominent part of the story but now that it’s taken this turn, there’s much more direction. One of the instructors, Etou, even approaches Natsume and offers her a perspective on the awe-inspiring possibilities that others have imposed on her… and then Shaver goes into crazy mode and kills her – not for no reason though cause after he dies, miasma explodes from his body summoning Phase 3 spirit monsters.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 17 (9)I really liked seeing Natsume show off some of her skills. She’s the fastest to react against the miasma, Ordering a spell to defend them as well as summoning Hokuto to action. AND FINALLY HARUTORA DOES SOMETHING USEFUL IN THIS SERIES… not until the end though… I seriously have no idea where Kagami has gone because he’s suppose to be PROTECTING the students but instead, his familiar is trying to slaughter them.

Tenma, Suzuka and Touji have to be the most BADASS SUPPPORTING CHARACTERS EVER (partially because Harutora and Natsume are not very good at defending themselves). Throughout this entire ordeal, Kyoko seems to be hesitating more than usual… what does she know that the others don’t? Even Shaver walks right past her, he doesn’t seem slightly interested in killing her as much as he does in the others.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 17 (12) Tokyo Ravens Episode 17 (14)Tokyo Ravens Episode 17 (19) Tokyo Ravens Episode 17 (22)

Tokyo Ravens Episode 17 (26)When Shaver finally corners Natsume, he sends a blast of spirit energy at her that almost destroys her uniform, revealing to everyone that she’s actually a girl. He goes so far as to mock her, calling her a fraud and a weakling, pretending to be a man in order to seem stronger than she really is. I feel worst pretty bad for Natsume here and it’s not until Harutora figures out how to sync up his “power and the gears” that he figures out a way to beat Shaver. He focuses on the spell that Natsume bestowed under his left eye in order to bridge the gate between his world and the spirit world, giving him the ability to see spiritual energy. He somehow manages to harmonize his inner cogs and distracts Shaver long enough to save Natsume. He even figures out that the sword is Shaver’s talisman. I’m impressed with Harutora in this episode. He seems to be one of those characters with a lot of power but not enough finesse. Once it all CLICKS in his mind, he becomes a pretty skilled fighter. He mimics Ohtomo-sensei’s spell and IT ACTUALLY WORKS OMG – he decides to make use of the monsters from the spiritual disaster against Shaver and HE WINS.

If Harutora really just focused more on his studies, he would probably be able to do better in his school studies. In practical battle experience, he’s pretty good. Why are there never any actual Omnyo agency officials that actually protect the students?

Tokyo Ravens Episode 17 (48)When everyone’s explaining Natsume’s secret to the others. Kyoko approaches Natsume, seemingly nice, but she calls Natsume a liar… and can you blame her really? She had a crush on the boy Natsume and now that her feelings have all been a lie, she’s pretty heartbroken.

At the same time that the operation is wrapping up at the Omnyo Agency, Amami approaches the head honcho of the agency with the details and connections of his investigation all laid out. After revealing his findings, the girl that was Hirata, Souma Takiko enters the office. Seems like Mr. Omnyo Agency Head Honcho is in cahoots with the Yakou devotees… The Chief reveals that it was the Kurahashi Family’s devision. Amami says that Miyo (the principal of Omnyo prep), was not in on the plan and the Chief replies with the fact that Miyo is not actually the head of the family. Amami regrets that last phone call from Miyo… and it ends with Takiko picking up a broken and burnt fan from the ground. I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY KILLED AMAMI. I AM SO PISSED AT THAT. DID THAT REALLY HAVE TO HAPPEN? OHMIGOSH. SO PISSED AT THIS DEATH. HE WAS SUCH A GOOD SUPPORTING CHARACTER.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 17 (60)

The Chief and Takiko decide that it’s time to go after Natsume and have her put on Yakou’s cloak, leaving us at a cliff hanger for next week’s episode.

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