Nisekoi Episode 5 Review

Nisekoi Episode 5 (32)

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s episode of Nisekoi. In terms of progression in plot, we’re still at that really fun part at the beginning of the manga where our main harem protagonist is getting use to the dynamics of the love triangle he’s caught himself in. Onodera continues to struggle with her insecurities concerning Raku, her key and the ten year old promise… As a result, Ruri-chan takes ACTION and starts creating opportunities for fireworks between Onodera and Raku.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Nisekoi Episode 5 (14)The main event to this episode is the swim team that Ruri’s is on. She asks both Onodera and Kirisaki to fill in for some girls on the team… for some reason Maiko shows up too LOLLLLL Thank you for the perverted comedic relief…

Ruri asks Raku to teach Onodera how to swim… Chitoge tried to help… unfortunately, she’s too advanced that she’s a total shark in the water and Onodera didn’t get anything from Chitoge. As a result, Raku gives her the basics of the sport. I have to say that Onodera comes across as pretty sweet in this episode.

Favourite Moment: When Raku rushes out the school to a seashore cliff to fanboy over how cute Onodera is before sprinting back (all in a matter of seconds haha)

Nisekoi Episode 5 (38)Thre are two things important to note in this episode. The first is that Ruri was trying to figure out whether Chitoge and Raku are truly dating and arguing because they’re close or arguing because they truly can’t stand each other… Although Ruri comes to the conclusion that it seems like they really can’t stand each other, Raku does something pretty surprising… which brings us to my second point. When Chitoge cramps up in the pool because she forgot to warm up, Raku is the first to dive in after her and pulls her out of the water. LOL MAIKO – he totally lies about Chitoge not breathing, forcing Raku on the spot to give her mouth to mouth ANDDDDD it almost happens until Chitoge suddenly wakes up and spazzes out at him for his forwardness XD

Ruri’s been thrown off by Raku’s save of the day with Chitoge but she advises Onodera to pursue Raku in the present, rather than dwelling on her mystery boy of the past. Onodera wonders if perhaps her childhood romance is potentially linked to her present day crush…

Nisekoi Episode 5 (44)I know there are a lot of Onodera fans out there but I’m really rooting for Chitoge and Raku because I think they relate in more ways than just “I think you’re cute.” I’m trying to figure out how much of the manga will be mirrored into the anime just by opening and ending sequences. I also love the little shorts at the end of the credits on Valentine’s Day fore Raku, Ichijo, Chitoge and Ruri in Middle School. Can’t wait to see how the present day Valentine’s Day.

My last little thought for this review is the fact that I’m getting a little exasperated over the blatant direct shots of chests, butts and crotches. It was a bit much for me in this episode and I usually have a lot of patience for fan service in shonen harem anime series. It’s easier to tolerate when it’s just a slightly bit more subtle.

I hope you guys liked this review. Thank you so much for reading. This weekend’s been pretty crazy for me but things are dying down finally this week so new posts will be up soon 🙂

– Cloudy

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