D-Frag Episode 5 and 6 Review

D-Frag Episode 6 (26)

Episode 5 Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

D-Frag Episode 5 (12)Last week’s episode of D-Frag can be split into two big parts. The first part takes place at the Game Creation Club (Provisional) meeting where Roka tries to convince Kenji to play the super space porn magazine board game… in which several rounds of rock, paper, scissors ensues to decide who gets which character piece. Seems like Takao is going for Kenji, but she doesn’t seem to know how to approach it. When she uses a time out during rock, paper, scissors, she starts bombarding him with personal questions. Of course our harem hero hasn’t caught on to it yet but we’ll see where this comedy high school romance.

The second part of the episode takes place in one lunch period where Kenji seems to have been lumped into the “lackeys” category under Chitoge, the Student Body President and Roka, the Underground Boss. Random lunch comedy ensues. A small delinquent back story is told courtesy of Kenji.

D-Frag Episode 5 (27)

Episode 5 is really twenty-five minutes of fun, what happens when a delinquent, the Student Body President and the Underground Boss start hanging out as friends. If all my classmates over-reacted as hilariously as the people in Kenji’s class did, life would be a high school comedy. Little important bits of plot development scattered here and there is with Takao and maybe Funabori (the class domestic sweet heart)… at the end of the day, Takao brings Kenji a sandwich. D’aww that’s sweet… but to be honest I’m rooting for Kenji X Roka. Guess we’ll have to see where it goes…

Episode 6 Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

D-Frag Episode 6 (2)

D-Frag Episode 6 (8)This episode picks up right after Kenji’s class ends, on the same day. He bumps into Roka in the hallway who claims her enemy is coming… New character, ladies and gentlemen – Hachi Siou … who’s apparently really obsessed with Roka. Well, he’s pretty good at counter-sparkling against Roka’s moe mode. Seems like Siou is the popular, gorgeous and rich one of the school, who also happens to be head over heels for Roka. The story goes that Siou met Roka in first year high school, and even for someone as strange as Roka, Roka thinks Siou is way weird-creepy. The shock comes when Siou claims Roka and Kenji to all be in a love triangle together. LOLLLLL Random high school comedy romance is great xD Throughout this entire exchange, I just feel sort of bad for Funabori who’s innocently witnessing this as a an innocent bystander…

D-Frag Episode 6 (14)

D-Frag Episode 6 (19)At the end of the day at the usual club meeting, Roka and Siou are playing “Push It Super Strong” or PISS – which requires shoving a bookshelf of manga back and forth. It is exceedingly hard to recap and review the comedic and often meaningless banter between Kenji and Siou. Since Siou’s obsessed with Roka’s little purple bag, he challenges Kenji to a fight for the bag. Whoa. Roka isn’t too pleased about the fight over HER purple bag and she decides to join the battle as well. Since Kenji wants to challenge Roka as the Underground Boss to an honest fight, it seems like a game is the best way to do it since he can’t actually hit a girl. It becomes a game between Roka and Kenji’s rivalry now. Enter the wild card – Takao, into the fray. LOL so much incoherent randomness I love it.  IT’S JUST MINDLESS. JUST GO WITH IT!!

D-Frag Episode 6 (30)Thanks to Chitoge’s wonderful abuse of presidential power, she organizes a live tournament between a with a bunch of other contestants to make the showdown a bit more lively (though none of them are even school students LOL) Takao successfully zips her track jacket over her enormous rack. First Battle. WIN. (Let’s face it, it got pretty heated) When the actual tournament begins, the first battle is PISS. The ring breaks out in storm of chaos. Everyone seems to be competing for the most random reasons and no one seems to really know what’s going on but everyone’s just having a ball.

I have to say that my reviews for the series are turning into rants rather than reviews. The pacing was a bit slow for me in this episode because we get bogged down quite a bit by all the comedy gags and the new character introductions. I don’t even know what’s going on in the plot anymore but its friggin hilarious so I’M OKAY WITH IT. I mean, you’d expect some romance to ensue because of the harem set up so it’s great to see so much mindless comedy packed into the story, livening the atmosphere beyond the cliché high school setting.

D-Frag Episode 6 (29)

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