Kill La Kill Episode “TWIST UP THE PLOT LIKE HELL” 18




Rating: 5/5 OHMIGOD WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT CLOUDS Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

Kill La Kill EPisode 18 (12)THE BATTLE BREAKS OUT BETWEEN SATSUKI AND HER MOTHER. RYUKO AND NUDIST BEACH JOIN THE FRAY. Satsuki saves the audience, reveals her army of fighters and prepares to take down her mother. At the same time, the Elite 4 are facing off with Nui Harime.

I guess only the Elite 4 knew Satsuki’s intentions from the beginning. Satsuki’s pretty confident in her resolve and her power. Ragyo is hella scary cause she’s actually fused herself with life fibers, giving her incredible healing powers and regenerative abilities. Satsuki denounces her mother, calling Ragyo a monster the moment she fused her body with life fibers.

Kill La Kill EPisode 18 (19)

I really admire the resolve and the loyalty of the Elite 4, they are such awesome characters and have become even more so after fitted into new Goku uniforms. Seems like the four of them are right on par with Nui… or perhaps she’s just toying with them for the time being.

MAKO REUNITES WITH HER FAMILY – and is immediately tasked by Gamagoori to evacuate the audience. No preaching in this episode CAUSE THERE’S NO TIME!!

Kill La Kill EPisode 18 (26)WE LEARN ABOUT SATSUKI’S BACK STORY WHICH IS AMAZING!!!! She’s inspired by her father and driven by hatred for her mother to overthrow Covers.  It turns out that the Satsuki’s experimented with their children in order to fuse them with life fibers. It initially failed with Satsuki because she had already turned one. As a result, the second child was experimented upon and died mid-process, discarded by Ragyo. It was then that Satsuki’s father, Souichirou Kiryuuin decided to overthrow Ragyo’s empire. Satsuki makes quite a rally, getting Iori the core of the underground life fiber source as the battle is taking place. However, it seems like she doesn’t quite know the extent of her mother’s power. Ragyo does a mental refitting on the students and turns them into her own marionettes. SATSUKI’S REALLY IN THE SPOTLIGHT THIS EPISODE. YOU GO GIRL!! All is well until Ragyo brainwashes Ryuko as well… BUT OUR HEROINE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT and she breaks free from the life fibers immediately through a self-inflicted punch.

Kill La Kill EPisode 18 (27)

Nui Harime steps in just as Ryuko’s about to charge at Ragyo and Ryuko begins to fight Nui instead. I love how Ryuko’s learned how to reign in her anger and propel it into determination instead of blind rage. She’s in full synchronization with Nui now, able to take her head to head and even surpass her. Never seen such a serious expression on Nui’s face before haha. SERVES THAT BITCH RIGHT.

Kill La Kill EPisode 18 (55)Simultaneously, Satsuki’s final showdown with her mother begins. I mean, I really through this was going to last a bit longer but the way Ragyo’s power is displayed is SO IRRATIONALLY POWERFUL. Satsuki slices through Ragyo’s neck with her sword, Bakuzan and blood rains EVERYWHERE… but Ragyo’s HEADLESS BODY goes and PUNCHES SATSUKI ASIDE. All the while, Iori is attacked by the life fiber extra-terrestrial being thing that’s rallied on its own. Ragyo’s body REGENERATES and she informs Satsuki that she’s not truly WEARING Junketsu (like Ryuko is) and proceeds to beat the living shit out of Satsuki. I am so impressed by Ryoka Yuzuki’s voice actress for her AMAZING VOICE ACTING in Satsuki’s last scream before she’s stripped and pummelled into a wall.

Kill La Kill EPisode 18 (53)AS IF SHIT HADN’T ALREADY HIT THE FAN WITH ALL OF OUR CHARACTERS! The COVERS – the suits/clothing that have a life on their own, beings born from original life fibers ASSEMBLE LIKE AN ARMY IN THE SKY. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO SATSUKI NOW?!?!?!? And of course, Ragyo does the BITCHIEST THING AND PUTS ON JUNKETSU, TRANSFORMING THE KAMUI. She attacks Ragyo and literally stabs her in the heart with her bare hand, she rips Ryuko’s heart out and reveals that it’s been infused with life fibers THUS CONFIRMING RAGYO’S OWN SUSPICION THAT RYUKO IS ACTUALLLY THE SECOND DAUGHTER THEY THOUGHT HAD DIED!! RYUKO AND SATSUKI ARE SIBLINGS.

Ryuko and Satsuki are siblings. Why did you do that to us Trigger? *BIG SIGH* BIG REVIEWER SIGH*

Kill La Kill EPisode 18 (49)I mean, I saw their similarities in hair colouring and stubborn personality and ability to wear Kamuis but I never thought that they were ACTUALLY RELATED. I pondered the thought the first time they duked it out in episode 3 but this is too much. SO MANY PLOT TWISTS, I feel like perhaps this was a bit forced. Still, I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON WHY RYUKO’S SUPPOSED FATHER LOOKS LIKE AN OLD MAN… but then again, there isn’t the slightest bit of resemblance between Ragyo and her daughters. Thank you character artists for this fun and slight dysfunctional design.

CRAZY TONS OF ACTION. There might be too many twists, making the plot sort of try-hardy but we can’t fully judge the twists to be good or bad until we see how the writers decide to reconcile it all. Dying for next week’s episode. Eagerly looking forward to seeing Satsuki rally now that she’s been stripped of her Kamui. Hopefully next week gives us more Mako as well.

Hope you guys are doing well after that last episode of Kill La Kill because I had my mouth hanging open for a full five minutes before I started to rant. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you all soon!

– Cloudy

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