Just Kidding Films in Toronto 2014


Hi guys, earlier tonight I got to meet three of my favourite Youtubers from Just Kidding Films. Bart Kwan, Joverdose and Geo Antoinette visited the University of Toronto and held a meet and greet with a bunch of their Canadian fans. The event was brought to us by MTM Productions and three videos were shown. The first being “Crazy Asian Parent,” one of the much older but really hilarious shorts from two years back. The second was the first part to “Gun Fu” that was previously promoted in a teaser trailer and the third was a sneak peek of this Sunday’s new video, “Secrets.”

I always love meeting Youtubers because unlike many celebrities, they’re actually reachable and relatable people who are pretty friendly and down to earth. Plus, they vlog so most of their lives are already on the internet for everyone to see. Although the gathering was of a relatively good number, there wasn’t as much as hype as there is with Youtube musicians who hold an entire concert. Still, the Q & A session was probably my favourite part of the Live. Of course, there the meet and greet was a highlight as well…

I actually bumped into Geo while I was in the bathroom and had a Youtube Star-struck moment haha but she was super nice about meeting me 🙂 and I just realized that I look super tiny next to Bart LOL

– Cloudy

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