Out of the Box: Character Keychains Haul

Hey guys, today is my rubber straps haul feature characters from two very different series but both of which are on my list of favourites. The first is the Fate series with Saber and Gilgamesh while the second is the Free series with Haruka Nanase and Rin Matsuouka. The pinched straps and key chain designs seem to be quite popular lately and I think I’m going to start collecting more of them. They are currently restocking on AmiAmi.com where I got these ones. I love rubber straps because they are the best to hang on your phone. I am SO obsessed because they’re pretty resistant to the elements, bumps, light scratches and quality Japanese anime goods are always really solid. You don’t ever have to worry about one of the chain links breaking or straps untying, they’re all very durable and retain colour even after a few weeks hanging off your phone or bag.

20140130_005553cI usually go for the straps with the headphone jacks attached because the headphone stub is removable and you can turn the strap into a keychain anytime if you always have actual headphones plugged into your phone. my only slight issue is that the two Fate character straps seem slightly thicker than the Free ones adding just a bit more weight and bulk to it, but usually the trade off for style is worth it.

I haven’t gotten the newness of the straps to take the others out but I couldn’t resist playing with Haru… Lately there hasn’t been a whole lot of new merchandise I’m loving online. I’m waiting for the Spring Anime to really deliver after a dull Winter but I did get some new mini figures in Toronto because my favourite stores are stocked up. More Out of the Box features to come– I hope you guys liked this, thank you for dropping in and I will talk to you all soon!

– Cloudy

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