Nisekoi Episode 6 Rant & Review

Hey guys, I’ve been a little bit behind on this week’s anime. I did say I was trying to catch up but university work is really stressing me out and midterms are coming up. Nisekoi was a really great de-stresser.

Nisekoi Episode 6 (48)

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Nisekoi Episode 6 (7)Episode 6 begins with a wonderfully prepared bento, sparkles an all, nothing less for Ojou-sama of course. Chitoge, Onodera and Ruri are all having lunch. They decide they’re finally close enough to call each other b their first names and chat about the swim meet that took place yesterday. Chitoge actually had no idea that Raku was the one who dove into the water to save her, in fact, she actually beat him up twice because of his seemingly perverted pursuits when she was unconscious LOL

Nisekoi Episode 6 (14)The first half of this episode mostly focuses in Chitoge working up the courage to thank Raku, with kind words… instead of violence. Well… you can guess how well that goes. Tsunderes are great aren’t they!!? I’ve come to really admire Shaft’s style of animation over all the series I’ve seen and I’m really enjoying how they’re making use of sparkles and background to create a shojo sort of landscape even though the art is suppose to be shonen.

The midpoint of the series hits a significant turning point. Since Chitoge, Ruri and Onodera have become relatively close, Chitoge decides to be let the other girls in on her false relationship with Raku. I have to give Ruri for getting Onodera this far into the game. Up till this point, Onodera’s pretty much given up on the idea of ever expressing her feelings to Raku but it seems like she has Chitoge’s wholehearted blessing since Chitoge still probably hasn’t realized that she might like Raku.

The second large chunk of the episode focuses mainly on Onodera trying to work up the courage to confess to Raku. I honestly don’t really see THAT MUCH in Raku. I mean, I don’t see myself having a crush on him but this is harem anime so our hero’s in a pretty good place. Just as Onodera’s about to says she’s in love with Raku, A BASEBALL FLIES THROUGH THE WINDOW. LOLLLLLL WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!!? I have to say that Onodera’s becoming a really loveable character even though I’m rooting for Chitoge and Raku.

Nisekoi Episode 6 (37)

Nisekoi Episode 6 (44)

Sometime during the episode Raku bumps into some of the workmen moving packages at the school and loses his locket because the chain snaps. Turns out that Chitoge’s the one who picked it up. She repairs it and even makes the effort to bring it back to Raku’s house at night. I thought that was pretty sweet. I mean, she didn’t even mention that she fixed it to him and she just kind of did it. As she’ s being driven home, she seems to remember her own childhood promise with a boy – Zawsze in love…

More questions are raised! Who exactly is the girl that Ichijo made a promise with? We don’t know in the manga but the story in the manga goes a hell of a lot faster than the pacing in the anime. I’m excited to see Raku’s reaction to Chitoge when he finds out that she also has some memory of a promise with a boy. But what are the chances of both girls making promises to little boys? Must happen more often than we think… in the anime world anyway.

So I hope you guys liked this review and recap. I think Nisekoi’s reached a point of steady rhythm and while this was an episode of small surprises, the characters are developing well according to the story. I’m glad to see Onodera reach a new resolve immediately instead of dragging on with indecision into the next few episodes.  Oh, and judging by the previews and from the manga, I know exactly what character is coming up next… and this character is one of those love or hate ones too.

I’m trying to catch up on all my reviews and bring out some new material as well. Thank you all for being so patient and I will talk to you all soon!

– Cloudy

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