D-Frag! Episode 7 Rant & Review

D-Frag! Episode 7 (22)

I have to say that this week’s episode of D-Frag was IMMENSELY ENTERTAINING and brought out the real intensity of the game oriented comedy that’s so central to the hilarity of the series. Everyone takes games so dramatically in this school… does Chitose even do anything in Student CounciL? I fell like she’s so much more focused on the Game Creation Club.

Rating: 4.5/5 happy clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

D-Frag! Episode 7 (14)Of course, the mindless type of comedy isn’t for everyone. A lot of people don’t big fans of random-ness. I actually sort of like the way this high school harem comedy is developing. Usually, I found that comedy emerges between character interactions. Either one of the girls really likes beating the main guy up, or they hang out as friends, or go on some dates; it’s just regular high school stuff, but D-Frag is really dominated by the club aspect which gives it many more ripe opportunities for laughs for the sake of laughs.

D-Frag! Episode 7 (1)When Kenji wakes up, his hand’s being held by Siou and Funabori and Sakuragaoka (who’s a boy by the way) are dressed up as angel nurses as the First Aid Team. Kenji’s actually been knocked out for quite a few rounds in the tournament and he wakes up, he’s already caught up in the semi-final tournament. While Kenji’s been boosted to the semi finals against Siou, Roka and Takao are finishing up their epic battle tournament… of musical chairs. LOL

Having Chitose and Tsutsumi as the main announcers of the tournament is JUST SO FRICKIN AWESOME!! If only every tournament was as exciting as the one that one hosted by the Game Creation Club.

D-Frag! Episode 7 (13) D-Frag! Episode 7 (18)

When Roka and Kenji both emerge victorious from their individual tournaments, they’re totally hyped up and ready to go at it in the finals. And the game is…. KING’S GAME – with JUST TWO PEOPLE. So, it’s been modified and whoever draws the King wins. I’m impressed by the how dramatic and exaggerated the writers can make a simple 50/50 draw of luck. But it was the most entertainin showdown I’ve ever seen!!! I have to give major props to Kenji for his elaborate plan. After all, rules don’t matter and thinking out of the box seem to get you victory more often than not in the Game Creation Club.

D-Frag! Episode 7 (32)

I would argue that this was probably the most action and comedy charged episode thus far and I’m super excited for more of D-Frag. All the characters are becoming really endearing in their own way.

– Cloudy

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