Kill La Kill Episode 19 Rant


Kill La Kill Episode 19 (1) Kill La Kill Episode 19 (5)

Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

The Elite 4 have taken to defending the public from being captured by Covers while Ragyo and Satsuki are still having their showdown. BUTTTTTTTTTTTT The best part of the opening is Mako being captured BECAUSE WE GET TO SEE GAMAGOORI’S TRUE FEELINGS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE ACTUALLY REACHES FOR HER AS SHE’S BEING CAPTURED AND LATER PROMISES MATARO THAT HE’LL VOW HIS HEART AND SOUL TO SAVING MAKO. KYAAAAAAAAAAA MY FANGIRL HEART IS SO HAPPY RIGHT NOWWWWWW

Okay, so after that adorable side romance, Ryuko and Satsuki are taking a pretty big shock to Ragyo’s counterattack and the twist reveals. In desperation, Satsuki blows up the entire arena hoping to Ragyo down even at the cost of her own life and everyone else’s.

Kill La Kill Episode 19 (20)Right after the arena’s blown up and the song’s been played, we fast forward a month later when Mataro is secretly stealing some food above ground, keeping hidden from the Covers. But when Mataro gets caught… IT’S NONON THAT SAVES HIM. AND SHE’S DRESSED IN NUDIST BEACH GEAR – WELL, SHE’S NOT TECHNICALLY REALY DRESSED IN ANYTHING THEN.

Kill La Kill Episode 19 (26)

Switch screens to Northern Kanto where Sanageyama is evacuating the citizens, his Goku suit lasts the longest and in this battle, it’s finally reached its limit and literally unravelled at the seams. I am seriously fangirling and in love with Sanageyama ohmigosh…. and it seems like Satsuki’s people and Nudist Beach have all grouped up in the war against Covers. I am LOVING the Elite 4 in Nudist beach attire, it’s AWESOME. The only equipment left with Nudist Beach is Aikuou’s DTR, the two refoged blades of Satsuki’s Bakuzan, the tailor’s dagger and tailor’s glove.

FINALLY we get to see the main character almost halfway into the episode… Senketsu and the Mankanshoku family are by her bedside… it turns out that Senketsu was the one who dragged Ryuko’s unconscious body through the fire and rubble back to Nudist Beach…. And having recapped on the elements of the twist, everyone seems to be at a loss of words…

Kill La Kill Episode 19 (33)

Kill La Kill Episode 19 (44)On Satsuki’s end, she’s been captured and stripped naked by her mother… Satsuki’s either in shock or she’s already brewing another plan in her mind. It’s hard to believe her will and resolve would ever be crushed by this turn of events. Satsuki’s more of less deduced that her mother needs her alive for something called Shinra-Koketsu… Later between Nui and Ragyo we hear about plans for the Ultimate Kamui – WHAT?!?!?!

Kill La Kill Episode 19 (58)Iori develops a new cannon to literally suck the people out of the Covers monsters. Since the Covers run on human energy, sucking the person out naturally disables them. CUE THE TOTALLY CUTE REUNION BETWEEN MAKO AND GAMAGOORI. SO CUTE!!

Epic last moment takes place when the Covers warp into these cacophonous harps that screech out noise that awakens Ryuko. Ryuko takes them all down IN ONE STRIKE – but when Senketsu approaches his owner, Ryuko claims that she will NEVER put on Senketsu again because they’re both life fiber monsters. OHMIGODDD THIS ABSOLUTELY APPALLS SENKETSU.

Kill La Kill Episode 19 (61)There were so many intense twists in this week’s episode and I found this transition really nicely packed with just enough of answers to satisfy us for the time being, but a few key questions to keep us watching. Plus, we still don’t know how Satsuki is going to be saved nor how the Covers will be destroyed. In the previews after the ending song, we hear a small set of dialogue from Satsuki’s who is absolutely determined to rise again from whence she’s fallen. She is becoming a really amazing character. I don’t know where the writers are going with Ryuko and Satsuki’s sister reveal, I only hope that it all ties together in the end. There’s only like FIVE EPISODES LEFT! AND SO MUCH TO TELL!!

I hope you guys liked this rant. Did you guys enjoy the Mako X Gamagoori confirmed ship? And how ‘bout the Elite 4 joining Nudist beach?? I just love them!! I hope they’ll reunite with Satsuki soon!! Where do you think the story’s going to go now? SO MANY QUESTIONS ARGH!! NEED THE NEXT EPISODE NOW!!

– Cloudy

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