KidRobot Haul!!

Hey guys, last week I did a little bit of outlet mall shopping in Pennsylvania down in the States and I really wasn’t expecting to find a lot of collector’s stuff because of the overwhelming number of fashion stores. Lucky enough for me, I stumbled across quite a few KidRobot things and I couldn’t help but assemble a feature haul for you guys.


I FINALLY ADOPTED A LABBIT! And I will kiss him and love him and squeeze him and call him George… just kidding. But I was super ecstatic when I found stache Labbits available in the store. At first I only planned on buying the white one because it was smaller and easier to carry around but at the end of the day I caved and bought the medium-large 14 inch purple Labbit as well. The small white 7 inch Labbit was around $15.99 US while the larger was $29.99, but hey, no tax and no shipping fees so I’m happy. The plush Labbits are produced by KidRobot with designs by Frank Kozik I also grabbed one of the boxes from the Happy Mini Labbits collection and got the pink one. The purple moustache goes really well with the pink skin I think.

I absolutely love the plush Labbits. Their fur is so friggin soft, you wouldn’t believe me until you actually get your hands on one. The medium-large purple one is so huggable and pretty life sized in rabbit sizes if you ask me. The plushie is just really well made overall because it’s made to be a collectible on a shelf rather than something you hug to be. To be honest, I think they could be both unless you’re the mint-pristine condition type of collector. If you’re a big plushie lover or a Labbit figures fan, I strongly recommend you adopt one of these guys. The “How to take care of Labbit” instructions behind the name tag makes the Labbit all the more endearing to plushie collectors and gives the Labbits a bit of a personality. I’m still on the lookout for the yellow Labbit but for now, I love spending time with the two that I already have. Less staring, more adopting!!

As well, KidRobot produces the Yummy Dessert keychains by Heidi Kenney and this little box was a real treat if you know what I mean. My slice of pie is down in a matte lime finish and hangs from a sturdy metal ring great for keys bags. It’s got a really amusing expression and it’s relatively cheap, going for only $5.99 US so if you’re looking for a cute and unique accessory, the Yummy Dessert collection is for you.

That is all for my KidRobot haul. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you so much for dropping in and if you’re looking for new stuff from me, follow me here by email, wordpress or on facebook or twitter! I’ll talk to you guys soon!

– Cloudy

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