Nobunaga the Fool Episode 7 Review

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 7 (9)

Mitsuhide, who is silently grieving at Nobukatsu’s murder, has been internally conflicted for a while now. We’re given a quick flash back of him at the beginning where he watched his father commit suicide (for some reason). But these moments are shown unexpectedly and then sidelined for the main story.

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Nobunaga the Fool Episode 7 (2)More and more deaths are happening in the series and the plot refines itself. The death of Nobuhide and Nobukatsu and Himiko’s injury has shaken up the entire Oda Clan and Nobunaga takes charge to approach the Takeda clan on the recent developments. This episode’s card if The Hierophant, signifying hidden knowledge. A lot of mystery, a lot of deaths, not a lot of explanations.

On the Takeda clan’s end, Caesar is trying to pitch a technology sale with Lord Shingen. Luckily, Takeda is smart enough to turn down foreign intervention when it comes to home politics.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 7 (13)

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 7 (27)Nobunaga takes The Fool out to meet Lord Shingen and Joan’s snuck onto the suit as well. When Nobunaga and Shingen meet, Caesar is observing from the topics of a nearby fortification. Nobunaga decides to be seriously blunt and direct, which is almost unheard of in court politics. Seems like Shingen and Nobunaga really hit it off when they recognize the power and resolve in each other. They toast to sake and battle. They duel and Joan is in awe at the battle. I feel like all Joan ever does is stare in wonder and awe “AMAZINGGGGGG.” When the duel between Shingen and Nobunaga reach a climax, Da Vinci observes a shift in the ley lines which harmonizes with the Regalia mecha suits. I love the epic action soundtrack in the background, it really helps to immerse yourself in the story and it’s the first time that we’re hearing score music trademark to the anime itself. At the end of the battle, Nobunaga stabs Shingen’s mecha armour and has emerges victorious. Shingen dissolves his blond bond with his Regalia of fire and bestows it upon Nobunaga. UPGRADE PACK TIME! Just before Shingen can pass on the Regalia of wind to Nobunaga, Caesar swoops in, ambushes Shingen, finishes him off and steals the Regalia of wind. Nobunaga and Joan retreat while Caesar spreads lies amongst the Takeda clan to create new strife amongst the clans. Caesar officially takes over the antagonistic side.

Although the plot has taken some direction so far, I still don’t see any grand scheme or prophecy that the characters seem to be building to. It took seven episodes but I think we’re getting somewhere. It seems like the Regalia jewels possess great powers in advancing the abilities of your mecha suit. Is Caesar looking for world domination? Does he wish to conquer both west and east planets? Oh wait, he was actually lusting after Ichihime so we’ll have to see what direction that takes. On Nobunaga’s end, he seems to be trying to mend peace among his advisors and on the east.

“A two-headed dragon has been born on the Star of East as though the old and the new now interlock.”

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 7 (19)

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 7 (14)I really think the dialogue is pretty weak in the series thus far. The key pieces of dialogue are all riddles and much of it is shown to us and usually showing is better than telling but in this case, because of the overarching prophecies of the show and the strange blend of east/west-past/present elements, it would probably be more informative for viewers if there was perhaps a narrator. Because of the story was originally structured as a play, I would expect massive re-organization of the plot. Right now, events are infolding matter-of-factly with no context and no additional information to begin with.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 7 (39)I feel like the anime’s doesn’t ease us smoothly into the thick of the plot. Rather, you get the sense that things are just HAPPENING and you’re on the other end of the screen, left trying to piece the events together in your mind. None of the characters seem to go beyond two-dimensional dialogue and perhaps the problem is the large cast because while the show attempts to focus on each of the characters for a small amount of time, the characters become seriously underdeveloped overall.

I would say that the series thus far is just very political and to extent, also diplomatic. It’s a lot of court drama and clan tensions garnering for power in a time of instability. While some plot points do accurately follow historical events, Nobunaga the Fool wouldn’t be the most attractive series for people who like breakneck driving pace that layers action over reaction over action that doesn’t miss a beat. Much of the slow pacing in the story can be attributed to the strenuous relations in court diplomacy which always involves war meetings, alliance crafting, rhetorical discussions and so on.

Whether you like Nobunaga or hate him for being such a jackass, we’ve gotten to episode 7. Hopefully, the plot will flush out the schemes and political antics a lot better as we proceed to the conclusion of the series.

For fans of the show-> as of right now, both the full opening, Fool the World by Minori Chihara and Axis by Stereo Dive Foundation is available for purchase or download online.

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