Tokyo Ravens 18 and 19 Review

Hey guys, I am so sorry I’ve been gone from Tokyo Ravens for almost three weeks but I’ve been super busy with midterms and assignments but I’m really excited for the last arc of Tokyo Ravens with the plot building up to the Tsuchimikado Raven Coat prophecy.

Episode 18 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

The opening scenes of episode 18 really put the show’s timeline in perspective. It’s been a whole year since the show started and our plot and characters have come a long long way. I mentioned in previous reviews that Tokyo Ravens seems inconsistent because the story is always throwing us back and forth between high school life and action. It would have been beneficial to the show if we were given some indication of date or month lapses but in perspective it makes sense that the events seemed so spread out in random pockets of time when the first seventeen episodes encompass an entire year.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 18 (21)There are three aspects of this episode worth noting. Not much is happening with the characters right now. Everyone is mostly reacting to the aftershock of Natsume’s true gender and Kyoko is especially angry and broody on her end. On external omnyo affairs, the Tsuchimikado family is being confronted about the Raven’s Coat and what happens is that the entire Tsuchimikado estate is burnet to the ground in the aftermath of the battle. As Ohtomo-sensei is checking out of the hospital, he’s confronted by a strange midget he seems to be incredibly skilled. It’s hinted that the midget can actally shape-shift and obviously possesses a lot of knowledge about the Twin Horn Syndicate and its affairs.

In the end, Kyoko is approached by Souma Takiko who asks to be led to Natsume and Harutora’s classroom…

Episode 19 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

This episode picks up right as Takiko and Kyoko are heading to the family. The Twin Horn Syndicate is finally making its move on Natsume. Another interesting character named Yashamaru (previously called Dairenji Shido) who calls Takiko the Princess and who seems to be another strong baddie from the Twin Horn Syndicate.

I’m slightly disturbed at how Takiko is sidling up the main characters. I mean, even with the things that have happened – Amami’s death, the Raven Coat, the Tsuchimikado fire, we don’t exactly know where Takiko’s alliances are. She seems devastated immediately after Amami’s death but intensely excited to resurrect Yakou using the Raven’s Coat. She implores Natsume to believe her, that she wants to be friends with someone… but what’s the subtext? Natsume and Takiko engage in battle, because Takiko claims that magic communicates beyond words and I really wondered for a moment if Natsume could stand up to Takiko’s skills, but Natsume seems to be able to hold her own and her Tsuchimikado genius shines in this quick battle. Still, Takiko has more experience and power in her arsenal. She seals Natsume’s dragon away and as the battle progresses, Takiko becomes more emotional and just as she summons an immensely powerful familiar, the spriit seer spell under Harutora’s left eye begins to pulse out of control. Luckily, Ohtomo-sensei appears and Takiko retreats…

Tokyo Ravens Episode 19 (38)INTERSTING REVEAL – seems like the spell on Natsume to hide her true gender was crafted to deceive professional omyno exorcists and it goes unnoticed to the viewer unless it’s pointed out. Ohtomo’s surprised… and later, even Principle Kurahashi is surprised. She asserts “that child” was “definitely a boy” and maybe she’s referring to Natsume, maybe not but now the plot’s become really centered on the heavy fact that Natsume’s gender has been concealed for so long. Lots of mystery there…

Tokyo Ravens Episode 19 (36)When Natsume and Kyoko finally talk it regarding the gender deceit, there’s quite a bit of girl drama and tears and it basically ends with Kyoko asking Natsume to fairly contest for Harutora’s affections and by contesting fairly, Kyoko wants Natsume to reveal to Harutora that she was Hokuto (the familiar-girl from the beginning)’s master.  It ends with Takiko asking Kyoko to help smooth out the fight between Takiko and Natsume. AND HERE IS WHEN I FULLY BLACKLIST KYOKO BECAUSE SHE JUST LITERALLY BLURTS OUT NATSUME’S SECRET TO A RANDOM NEW GIRL. AND THIS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKS TAKIKO. But maybe this is the reveal we need for the story to quicken into its climactic buildup.

– Cloudy

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