Tokyo Ravens Episode 20 Review – TWISTS, SPOILERS AND MORE

I have to say that after twenty episodes, as we near the finale of Tokyo Ravens, episode 20 really put everything that’s happened thus far, into perspective, and when I say everything, I REALLY MEAN EVERYTHING – including the little seemingly inconsistent details thus far. We are also given a wonderful flashback to Natsume’s side of the story with Hokuto.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 20 (7)

I ended up writing the recap part of this post as I was watching the actual episode so bear with me as I rant in order. Also, I know I usually pair up Tokyo Ravens in bi-weekly posts BUT this week’s episode was too intense not to immediately review. So, without further ado…

Rating: 5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

Tokyo Ravens Episode 20 (3)Tsuchumikado Yasuzumi, the head of the Tsuchimikado family and Natsume’s father must have done something to swap Natsume with someone else or masked Natsume’s gender in some way (in which Natsume will have some serious gender identity issues). I had a strong feeling that Harutora might actually be the Yakou reincarnation as swapped with Natsume by birth throughout the first half of the episode. Still, it doesn’t make sense that Harutora seems so untalented for everything when he might be the reincarnation… or have his powers been sealed away? In which case, the reveal would be way clichéd…

Tokyo Ravens Episode 20 (11)You just KNOW that something bad is going to happen when the first half of the episode makes almost no mention of the conflict thus far and all the characters are eating frozen slushies and preparing for fireworks festivals. Everyone seems to be having a great time. The first half of the show becomes one of the pre-climax build-ups. Naturally, the twist reveal takes place at the fireworks festival where it all began with Harutora, Hokuto and Touji. The most important detail to note in the first half is during one of Natsume and Harutora’s date-like outings, one of the agency’s mysterious figures (the one with only one arm), another of the side characters that have not been given a name, warns Natsume not to put the Raven Coat on for fear of calamity… this warning definitely pays off later.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 20 (25)During the fireworks festival, when Natsume and Harutora are about to come to terms about the Hokuto secret, Takiko appears and she reveals that Natsume and Harutora were apparently both cursed by Yasuzumi right after being born. As a result, Takiko plans to rip that spell apart and reveal Yakou’s true spirit. Takiko unleashes the Raven’s Coat on Harutora. The Raven Coat turns out to be actual familiar which completely possesses Harutora… HOLY CRAP. THIS IS GETTING INTENSELY OUT OF HAND… Natsume is the one to understand the curse on Harutora first. She’s absolutely brilliant when it comes to figuring out these spells. Natsume realizes thanict the spell she intitially placed on Harutora to provide him with spirit seer powers didn’t actually give him spirit seer powers, but merely unlocked the half of the spell that had been sealing off Harutora’s original powers. She throws herself down into the mess of the Raven Coat, says the spell and kisses him in order to complete the ritual. Harutora’s powers stabilize and Natsume’s so gravely injured that she dies. DID THEY JUST KILL A MAIN CHARACTER!?!?!? AFTER TWENTY EPISODES?!?!

“Do you know what the heart of magic is? The answer is lies. Therefore “trust” must be handled with care. More carefully than anyone thinks.” – Tsuchimikado Yakou

Tokyo Ravens Episode 20 (51) Tokyo Ravens Episode 20 (55)

My favourite part of this series thus far must be the moments after Natsume “dies,” because we’re given some warm moments of Natsume’s feelings regarding the entire ordeal before her consciousness fades. I loved Natsume in this episode and she became the relatively strong female character that I expected from her. Not only was she able to act immediately, rationally and brilliantly after finding out that her entire life’s identity as the Tsuchimikado heir was a lie, she jumped into danger immediately after, in order to save Harutora’s life.

I REALLLLY hope Natsume comes back somehow because despite the twist reveal that Harutora is Yakou’s true descendant, HE LITERALLY WATCHED NATSUME DIE TWICE – ONCE AS HOKUTO AND THE SECOND TIME AS HER TRUE SELF. THAT’S JUST HEARTBREAKING. Tokyo Ravens is taking my heart and slicing it into pieces. But I’m so excited for that next episode because I can’t wait to see how kickass Harutora will become and whether or nor Natsume will come back (and I really hope she does).

– Cloudy

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5 thoughts on “Tokyo Ravens Episode 20 Review – TWISTS, SPOILERS AND MORE

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  2. I think that Natsume will come back!
    Mutobe became Souma’s familiar after he died, right? I don’t remember how, but maybe Natsume could come back by the same way, but it’s not a good way, i wouldn’t want to see Natsume as a familiar. Tell me if i’m wrong! Also, if she’s not coming back this anime will become a c**p…that’s my opinion!

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