Kill La Kill Episode 20 Rant

This week’s rants and reviews in the usual schedule have been swapped up because of all the CRAZY AWESOME new episodes and reveals. This week’s episode was tying up the loose ends after Ryuko’s family twist reveal. I have to say that Nui Harime is SERIOUSLY PISSING ME OFF and I want to wring her neck because of her annoying little voice.


Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Kill La Kill Episode 20 (2)I think for this episode we can safely (or unsafely) say that Ryuko’s pretty out of commission for at least the next two episodes. Much of the story is followed from Nudist Beach and the Elite 4’s perspective because they’re the only ones not personally affected by the fray. Ragyo challenges Ryuko to an all-out battle between mother and daughter back at Honouji, where it really all began. Ryuko’s refusing to listen to reason from anyone (not even Mako) and she’s convinced that Nudist Beach has been tricking her all along. I think Ryuko’s Nee-san really needs to SMACK SOME SENSE into our stubborn heroine. After cutting all her ties with her allies, Ryuko leaves and the non-aligned Nudist Beach and Elite 4 forces are left with what they have.

With Inumuta finally hacked intot he Honnouji Academy forces, the Elite 4 see Satsuki naked and chined. Satsuki’s been scraping her toe on the ground for a while, and her fake toe nail is actually made of a piece of Bakuzan. It’s Satsukis way of letting her Elite 4 that she’s alive and kicking. I absolutely LOVE the score music in the background when the Elite 4 rally to save Satsuki. It’s SO damn inspiring and amazing.

Aikurou finally unleashes Nudist Beach’s final weapon, the S.S. Nudist Sun gigantic military ship (funded by the Takarada Conglomerate) – the funding is definitely unexplained by the ship is hella cool so we’re gonna go with it…

Kill La Kill Episode 20 (35)

Kill La Kill Episode 20 (48)Back at Honnouji Academy, Ryuko’s arrived and is kicking Life Fiber ass while she calls out her opponents. Nui greets her and they fight it out. I really wonder how they’re going to take down Ragyo, having built up her baddie image as so freaking unfallible. I love seeing Satsuki in action. I’m getting a little tired of Ryuko’s temper tantrums… she might definitely need some anger management classes. During Ryuko’s battle with Nui, Nui literally yanks out her heart to show Ryuko what it looks like, revealing that Nui was artificially created in an artificial womb by Life Fibers. Ragyo arrives and forces Junketsu ONTO Ryuko… from then, Ryuko gets these weird glimpses of memories depicting her and Ragyo in a world for only two, built off of Life Fibers… I have never heard Ryuko’s voice so high pitched before, those freaky weird memories SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME.

Kill La Kill Episode 20 (64)Nice to see that Satsuki’s back in action among our allies, I love Satsuki’s new sexy navy boots. In my opinion, they fit her better than the white heels. In terms of costume design, the change in outfits is also symbolic in conjunction to the change in allegiances. This is all especially prominent with the Elite 4 thus far and in the climax of this episode WHEN DERANGED RYUKO ARRIVES HAVING BEEN TAKEN OVER BY JUNKETSU AND GONE BAT-SHIT CRAZY. I’m almost glad that Bakuzan was broken because the double blades look so much more badass wielded by Satsuki. Our Queen dons Senketsu AND PREPARES FOR BATTLE WITH RYUKO ONCE MORE – THE TWO OF THEM LITERALLY HAVING SWITCHED OUTFITS. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HOW THIS FIGHT UNFOLDS BECAUSE IT WILL BE SO AWESOME OHMIGOSH.

I think maybe Ryuko and Satsuki and everyone else is going to have to work together to yank Ragyo off her high horse and cut her to pieces so she can’t regenerate and come eat your soul in your sleep, but then again I don’t see Ryuko agreeing to work with Satsuki any time soon even though Satsuki would probably use whatever means available to kill her Life Fiber monster of a mother…

There are just my thoughts on this week’s episode of Kill La Kill. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. SO MANY TWISTS. This series just gets crazier and crazier! I can’t wait for next week’s showdown!!

– Cloudy

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