Nisekoi Episode 11 and 12 Review

Episode 11 Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds  WOW I was so surprised when Chitoge and Raku exchanged first names!! It totally means that they’re getting super comfortable with each other. Ruri and Onodera are surprised too and Ruri’s reaction is … Continue reading

Cloudy’s Spring Anime 2014 Rundown

WOW WOW WOW There is such a LONG LIST of anime for this spring season’s anime lineup. Since winter was a bit of a dud for most of us, either following the more popular shows like Nobunaga the Fool and … Continue reading


“Yeah, we’re neither humans nor clothing. But at the same time, we are humans, and clothing, and EVERYTHING ELSE. Humans can’t becoming clothing. Humans are humans and clothing is clothing! THAT’S JUST WHO WE ARE!” – Ryuko and Senketsu Episode … Continue reading

Hamatora Full Series Review & Final Thoughts

This week we are finishing a lot of the winter 2014 anime series, one of which I’ve been following but not reviewing episode per episode is Hamatora. I got into Hamatora through a follower’s suggestion and the poll results and … Continue reading

Tokyo Ravens Episode 24 Review – The End?

Episode Rating: Unrated. The Recap: The episode begins with a flashback to the past when Kon first met Yakou in his lifetime. Awkward and blunt transition into the present day, Harutora, Suzuka, Touji and Kon are still escaping from Zenjirou’s … Continue reading

D-Frag Episode 12 Finale Review

The finale episode of D-Frag wasn’t really much of a finale in my opinion and leaves a lot of leeway for a season 2 to air should the fans demand it. The episode ended with the Game Creation Club (Provisional) … Continue reading

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 11 Review

Caesar and Brutus are continuously plotting to overthrow the Oda clan. To be honest, we’re not entirely sure what their motivations are but I’m assuming it’s power through the possession of the Regalia… if the historical aspects of the western … Continue reading

Kill La Kill Episode 23 Rant

FINALLY finished my last essay and my reward is writing this wonderful rant for episode 23 of Kill La Kill… Today we watch MAKO MANKANSHOKU, FIGHT CLUB PRESIDENT KICK ASS. Our FAVOURITE KLK Sisters team up against their crazy fashionista … Continue reading

Horimiya First Impressions

Hello everyone and today we’re looking at another fun manga that I recently got into and binge read in two nights. The series is still ongoing but I really wanted to share my thoughts on Horimiya with you guys. It … Continue reading

Ao Haru Spring – First Impressions, Review and Comparisons with Strobe Edge

Recently, it was the Spring Equinox, and that usually means that things get warmed… evidently not in Canada this year, but I really wanted to share with you all a shojo manga that I really think captures the sentiments of … Continue reading