Nisekoi Episode 7 and 8 Review

So I’m guessing the Nisekoi anime is going to follow the Nisekoi manga until some point in time. I mean, the manga isn’t finished yet and the anime is expected to end at the twenty episode mark. Either the ending of the anime will be an unfinished wrap in hopes of a season 2, OR we’ll be given some cop-out ending. I wasn’t a big fan of how the manga kept introducing more characters after the initial introductory stage but seeing as this is a harem anime, there just had to be something akin to a love square, or a pentagon or hexagon. And trust me, Tsugumi is not the last girl to be introduced into the story.

Episode 7 Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

17Right, so at the beginning of episode 7, a new student is transferring into the school and his name is Senshirou Tsugumi… except Tsugumi’s really a girl instead of a guy. For some reason, his/her looks have been deceiving people all his/her life. I’m not a big fan of how animated Tsugumi turned out. In the manga, Tsugumi looked a big manlier and less bishoujo. Seriously, when I saw Tsugumi in the manga, she actually looked so much like a boy that I was pretty attracted to her. Now, since Tsugumi was sent by Claude to monitor Chitoge and weed out her bean sprout of a boyfriend, Tsugumi’s totally gunning for Raku (and I mean that in the most literal sense). She’s been sent to expose Chitoge and Raku’s relationship and then annihilate Raku from the equation. Most of the episode focuses on Tsugumi settling into school life and threatening Raku wherever they’re alone.


34The defining moment of this episode is when Raku realizes the significance of keeping the relationship act up with Chitoge. War between gangs wouldn’t be good. Raku reasserts his boyfriend status before Tsugumi and THERE WILL BE HELL LATER – in the form of a high school showdown brawl between the two. After being chased all over the school by Tsugumi, Raku jumps into the school pool from one of the upper floors of the school, taking Tsugumi out. Raku only figures out that Tsugumi is a girl after attempting to undress her in the locker room because Tsugumi’s fallen unconscious from the pool drop. EVERYONE ELSE finds out Tsugumi’s gender from Chitoge who reveals to everyone that Tsugumi is a girl in conversation.

I’m not a big fan of Tsugumi because even in the manga, I feel like she doesn’t have ANY personality really. She’s either badass or blindly devoted to Chitoge, in which her entire perception of self is dependent on her Ojou-sama or she’s a blushing idiot because she’s dressing in girly cloths. ANDDDD this all escalates into a pretty extreme level of annoyingness because episode 9 completely focuses on Tsugumi’s perspective on Raku and she naturally becomes part of the harem when she realizes that she’s fallen in love with him.

Episode 8 Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

Tsugumi gets WAY too protected around Chitoge and her friends. The other guys of the class are pretty happy that Tsugumi is actually a girl, expecting the other girls to be disinterested BUT that makes them ever MORE intrigued with Tsugumi. And I really feel sorry for the other guys of the class cause literally ALL the cute girls, or rather, the cutest girls of the class, hang around Raku only. LOL

Nisekoi Episode 8 (6)

Tsugumi’s determined to keep Raku away from Chitoge, so she volunteers/ forces her participation in the shopping trip to buy pet food for the school animals. The kick is that Chitoge takes that moment to change Tsugumi’s outfit and confiscate her weapons, making the shopping trip look more like a date than an errand. When Tsugumi’s feet start blistering from the heels, Raku volunteers to piggyback her back to the school and they have the most awkward and blush-worthy conversation ever… I mean, even IF Raku isn’t really dating Chitoge, he still shouldn’t just go around being super touchy feely and nice to girls. He’s completely leading all of them on! but I guess this is what harem animes do to their male protagonists. As much as Raku claims to love Onodera, he might be leaning more between Chitoge and Onodera in the larger scheme of things… and he’s just hella confused by Tsugumi’s crazy behaviour in episode 9. Seriously girl, calm the f*** down.

Maybe it’s because I’m watching a lot of shonen action stuff on the side lately, but there were TOO MANY SPARKLES AND FRILLS in this episode, either in character conversations or backdrop scenens. They really went a bit overboard and it’s mostly because of Tsugumi’s blush every time she sees Raku ridiculousness.

Nisekoi Episode 8 (49)The most important plot forwarder in this episode is when Tsugumi reminds Chitoge of her first love many, many years ago… Chitoge wonders to herself why she never thought of him till now (AND THAT’S OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE THIS IS AN ANIME BUT WE CAN’T TELL HER THAT) and Chitoge goes home to search for some memento or reminder of that time. She stumbles across her diary, reads through it and finds out that it was all during her summer in Japan when she was five years old. She almost gets to the details of her promise with that boy BUT it turns out that little Chitoge didn’t write everything down haha. Instead, a key, having been wedged into the middle of the book, falls out which prompts even more mystery in Chitoge’s mind.

Nisekoi Episode 8 (51)I loved the ending of episode nine because the key is identical to the one in the last ending sequence when a hand (supposedly Raku’s hand) is about to unlock the lock with a key engraved with a moon when another hand stops him. This entire silhouette only lasts for a few seconds in the first ending sequence but that was definitely Chitoge’s key. That having been said, I really love the new ending sequence, it shows us more of the surrealist art style of Shaft as seen in the Puella Magi Madoka Magic witch battle scenes and the song is almost bittersweet to match the graphics.

Nisekoi Episode 8 (50)

Anyway, I hope you guys liked this review of Nisekoi. I thought grouping both introductory parts with Tsugumi would give you all a better picture of her character’s side role in the story. I hope you guys liked this and after midterms and being sick and episode twist reveals this week, I hope I can get back to my regular scheduled rhythm of reviews.

– Cloudy

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