D-Frag Episode 8 and 9 Rant and Review

D-Frag Episode 8 (2)

… That awkward moment when you’re called into the principal’s office for knocking out a fellow student with your zipper chest explosion and then starting a violent zipper show trend throughout the school. Girls, your chest is not big enough unless it can fire zipper shots that knock out your peers… FLAT IS JUSTICE DAMMIT.

D-Frag Episode 8 (8)D-Frag Episode 8 (4)

Episode 8 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

D-Frag Episode 8 (12)This was definitely one of the most random beginnings to an episode like EVER. It’s one thing to put fan service into a harem anime, it’s one thing to poke fun at it, it’s another thing to devote an entire episode beginning to it that somehow diverges into your sensei’s track suit history… Lol wut?

So after the first fun ten minutes of randomness, after eight episodes of comedy, the story is finally taking some turn down romance harem lane. In return for helping Takao out of the zipper shot incident in the office, Kenji agrees to let Takao buy him lunch on a Sunday. It just so happens that this Sunday is the exact date that the new version of the Magical Village Series game is begin released. As a result Takao pulls in Kenji’s favour previously mentioned during her participation in the Space porno magazine game and the end up in line for the rest of the day.

IT JUST SO HAPPENS that there is a little tent at the front of the line… that looks like this.

D-Frag Episode 8 (26) D-Frag Episode 8 (25)

D-Frag Episode 8 (27)

Naturally, little Roka emerges from the tent and Takao begins to panic as she realizes that she’s sort of set up a date with Kenji behind everyone else’s back. They commandeer some poor sap’s cosplay to hide Takao in the cloak and Kenji puts up with Roka’s antics. At the end of the day, Takao’s run off from the line and Kenji catches up to her after having bought the game. Kenji’s still pretty positive about breakfast despite the crazy morning with Takao… except Takao’s out of money because of the game purchase so technically she owes Kenji back.

Not sure how I feel about the story progressing in Takao’s direction since Kenji doesn’t seem particularly interested in Takao. I’m really rooting for Kenji and Roka… somehow. There’s so much random hilarity that I don’t even think any romance will develop.

Episode 9 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Episode 9 of D-Frag teaches us that the degree of spikiness in one’s hair is directly hereditary and genetic in siblings…

D-Frag Episode 9 (27)

After last week’s date weekend, D-Frag returns to its usual setting at the school with Kenji and begins with Ataru and Siou’s strange fetish to cram their heads into Kenji’s school bag, Ataru because he’s got a thing for cramped space and Siou because he wants to be close to Roka’s bag which has been kept in Kenji’s bag up till now. They race up to the classroom and Kenji has Funabori temporarily defende it while Kenji restrains the crazies. Funabori decides that the best way to protect the bag is to cram HER head into it. What the hell just happened? Cue the title sequence *tries to forget what happened in the first eight minutes*

After the title intro, we return to the Game Creation Club (Provisional) where an orange haired little first year girl is lingering outside the club room suspiciously. She’s naturally invited in by the all too inviting GCC and after each of the members accidentally touch her hair, THEY REALIZE THAT THE SPIKINESS MEANS SHE’S KENJI’S SISTER. LOLLLLLLLL I LOVE EVERYONE’S EXPRESSIONS WHEN THEY REALIZE THE TRUTH.

D-Frag Episode 9 (21)

D-Frag Episode 9 (40)Looks like Kenji’s imouto overreacts to the GCC THE EXACT SAME WAY THAT KENJI DOES. Hilarious. She’s sort of invited into the club using the exact same elemental type tactics. When Takao’s cell phone rings by accident, Roka notices that the Magical Village new release’s character bonus keychain is hanging from Takao’s cell phone. As a result, it’s revealed that Kenji was the one in line. While Kenji’s little sister completely denies her brother’s behaviour standing in line for a video game, Takao ends up confessing that she’s the one who ORDERED Kenji to cosplay and stand in line and buy the game for her. Kenji’s little sister is absolutely SHOCKED that her brother has kowtowed to another’s authority. Well, everyone seems to be totally freaked out that Kenji would listen to Takao… rather, WHAT SHADY MEANS HAS SHE BEEN USING TO COERCE HIM INTO OBEDIENCE. AHAHA THE AMAZING TAKAO IS JUST TOO AMAZING. When Kenji’s little sister accidentally gropes Takao’s chest, Takao shoves her into the bookcase hard enough to knock down two giant books and Takao’s chance to make a good impression on Kenji’s little sister has GONE DOWN THE DRAIN.

When Kenji is told that his little sister’s checke out the GCC, he doesn’t say anything but buys her super expensive ice cream from the convenience store. Naturally, he can pretty much guess what’s happened to his sister… or rather, he doesn’t want to know.

THE NEXT DAY… while Kenji’s little sister is delivering her brother’s lunch to his room, she happens to bump into Takao again… While Takao attempts to fix her impression of Kenji’s sister by offering to each lunch with her and Kenji, Kenji’s sister is completely FREAKED OUT BY THIS GIRL. TAKAO THUNDER! (IT’S A THING NOW!)

Luckily, Roka appears to intervene and the ordeal ends with Kenji’s lunch being chucked twenty-seven meters down the hall… because of the bounciness of Takao’s chest… okay. Honestly, it was really Takao’s fault initially because she attempted to snatch back the lunch after Kenji’s little sister handed it to Roka. In the end, Roka gives her lunch to Kenji and the girls all end up snacking in the club room afterwards.

– Cloudy

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