Nisekoi Episode 9 Review

LE LOLLLLLLLL FUNNIEST EPISODE EVER. Chitoge’s set on finding out the promise behind the key but it just so happens that this Saturday is the “open-air school field trip, as a result, she’s yanked onto the bus with everyone else. Since Maiko ends up scheming to get Ruri, Onodera, Raku, Chitoeg and Tsugumi ALL IN ONE BENCH AT THE BACK – AND IN THAT ORDER. The best moment is when Ruri deliberately shoves Onodera closer to Raku. This happens about… forty times on the bus. LOL

Nisekoi Episode 9 (10) Nisekoi Episode 9 (12)

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Nisekoi Episode 9 (19)At the camp site, while Chitoge is pondering her memories with her first love, as children, where her first love was cut on the forehead (leaving a scar), after defending her from a dog, she wonders if perhaps the scar on Raku’s forehead means that he’s her first love. Naturally she dismisses this, but the key she’s wearing around her neck was also noticed by Raku so I wonder when our two oblivious characters are going to figure it all out.

Nisekoi Episode 9 (24)

Nisekoi Episode 9 (37)It’s great how it JUST SO HAPPENS that ALL OUR CHARACTERS are in THE SAME CAMP GROUP. Bless your trouble and tricks Maiko. I REALLY SHIP RURI AND MAIKO. THEY ARE ALL SO ADORABLE. When Maiko suggests a group card game session of Old Maid in which the penalty is to tell the story of one’s first love… EVERYONE PANICS LIKE CRAZY. AND IT. IS. HILARIOUS.

When Raku is called to the front desk for a call, Claude stalks Raku around the building all the way to the baths… and swaps the sign of the girls’ bath to the boys’ bath. This moment in the manga is really entertaining and all the more so in the anime… GREAT COMEDY ANIMATION SHAFT!!! Luckily Chitoge realizes that this was all of Claude’s scheming and just as Raku is about to leave, the other girls come in and Chitoge agrees to hide Raku until he can potentially escape. SO HILARIOUS.

I found Chitoge and Raku’s last conversation pretty endearing after bathing time was finished and I really hope for more more more of these cute scenes.

Nisekoi Episode 9 (60)All in all, a really great episode of Nisekoi on par with all the comedy we’ve seen so far. Just a little bit of plot development amidst all the laughs but the issues of two keys, one with Onodera and one with Chitoge is sooner or later going to be a problemWe have quite a few episodes to go as the series is expected to exceed this season’s regular episode count and we still have a few characters that haven’t been introduced yet. Gosh, Raku is like a chick magnet, all these girls just keep falling for him. We’ll probably have to make it at least past the twelve episode mark for any further development of feelings between Raku and one specific girl who’ll share his happy ending… For now, we can really just enjoy the laughs and go along for the ride.

Nisekoi Episode 9 (61)

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