D-Frag Episode 10 Rant (not review, cause it’s basically all random comedy now)

The Princess Pinch is strong in this one…

D-Frag Episode 10 (12) D-Frag Episode 10 (9)

This episode of D-Frag begins with a regular card game… with the strangest kinda of flushes you can get… flushes derived from Space Porn board game developed by the Game Creation Club. This is seriously the best club ever. I wouldn’t mind joining haha. When Kenji is sent out on a beverage however, he encounters a rather strange student… who totally flips him out of the blue.

Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

D-Frag Episode 10 (21)For all of Kenji’s delinquent-like demeanour and reputation, he sure gets beat up by girls a lot. And I mean A LOT. Or maybe it’s just that the girls at this particular school are REALLY unique girls. When Chitose gets an image text of Kenji in his sad hostage-like state, she heads off to the third year room to find Sakai Tama. Since Kenji gets himself caught all the time, the Game Creation Club has started calling him Princess Pinch. (I found this funny – like a play on of Princess Peach in the Mario games who always needs to be saved haha). In addition to Sakai (who’s actually Tama-chan from Kenji’s good luck back story in the Game Creation Club Tournament), we also meet Shinsen AKA BARFY/PUKEY (depending on what translating team you downloaded from), Naganuma and Matsubara… I guess even the third years of the school are strange.

Seems like Chitose and Sakai have something of a history. Sakai and the third years were actually the student body council preceding Chitose. Oh, but that’s not important, just a passing thought. The REALLY important detail is the fact that Shinsen AKA Barfy is actually the person inhabiting/sort of operating the GIANT ROBOT (also refer back to Game Creation Club Tournament). Roka, Chitose and Sakura decide to TAKE ON SHINSEN IN A COMBINED ELEMENTS CATASTROPHE ATTACK. YERRRRRRRR…

To be honest, now that I think about it I’m not entirely sure why Barfy has to be inside the Robot cause Tennouzu from the science club is technically the one operating the machine. But it’s a BAD MOVE on Tennouzu’s part when he decides to utilize the robot’s spin attack on the Game Creation Club girls… after all, Barfy-senpai’s nickname isn’t an empty title… When Takao is trying to escape the robot’s attack, her phone drops and in an effort to save her beloved collectible cell phone strap, she TAKES DOWN THE ROBOT AND BARFY SENPAI IN ONE HIT. LOL I seriously enjoyed this episode WAY MORE THAN I SHOULD HAVE.

D-Frag Episode 10 (41)We also get a little… character development (?) from Barfy-senpai and Sakai’s childhood. Well, it’s random character development but entertaining nonetheless. It’s revealed that Sakai and Barfy became friends when Sakai first made Barfy-senpai throw up on a class field trip because Sakai was Kabuki swininging her long hair in circles. Naturally, the motions made little Barfy-senapi WAY too nauseous. Hence, Sakai tied her hair up in pig tails to “seal” her Kabuki away. Lol okay. Just go with it. Don’t think about it. It’s cool…

Sakai states that she’s going to shut down Roka’s Game Creation Club because of the abuse of authority that Chitose’s been demonstrating in the club (i.e. the FuF school festival when Chitose exploited her student council members to help the Game Creation Club). Many of the random mentions from previous episodes are coming together in this Game Creation club versus Ex-Student Council members in order to keep the Game Creation Club (Provisional) going.

Well, it’s nice to see some build up to some sort of climactic finish even if it seems like a rehash of the first Game Creation Club versus Game Creation Club (Provisional) battle to shut the GCC (Provisonal) down. I’m curious to see how this epic final comedy battle will play out.

– Cloudy

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