Wesley Woo’s Debut Album, Do-Re-Mi Review

do re mi coverHey guys, today I wanted to introduce one of my new favourite up and coming artists – Wesley Woo. His new album is being released on April 4th. If you guys are into chill acoustic, light country pop music, you will really enjoy Wesley’s artistic style. Initially I wanted to do an overall review but each song was so unique in itself which was why I felt so inclined to do a track by track look at the album.

Have a listen at Soundcloud here

Fall Again (Do Re Mi)- A really great started to the track list. As the opening song to the album, it sets the laid back tone of the entire album. “Fall again” is about the stumbling steps that one takes in whatever new endeavours. There is a feeling of discovery from the overall atmosphere set by the song which prompts you deeper into the album.

Stay- “She said I gotta dig deep and then look around. It’s time you found what you’re looking for.” One of my favourite songs on the album, there is something really nostalgic and soothing yet hopeful tone to the melody and the lyrics are catchy as well. It’s a bit about finding yourself and your home with someone special. Check out the music video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP0BkqYeRDU

The Truth Is- As we move into the middle of the album, consistency is key, and I think “The Truth is” really holds up to the tone of the album thus far. This one was more or less a transition song for me. I wasn’t a super big fan of it but I’m sure the beat will be really catchy for some of you (especially the base).

Lost In You- A really sweet love song in general. This one really jumped out at me because they really showcase Wesley’s vocal abilities in the highs and lows of the melody.


Read Between Your Rhyme- This song is cleverly positioned in the middle to tone things down in the after quite a few moderate to fast paced songs. It’s a really great duet ballad and I thought the concept of the lyrics was really quite

Around and Around- This is definitely my favourite song on the album. I just kept replaying it again and again because the melody kept going round and round and round in my mind. It’s a song about a guy who can’t figure out how to get a girl out of his head and it’s pretty relatable to any and all of us who have ever been in love.

Live. Laugh. Love- Another one of the slower songs of the album but if you listen carefully to the lyrics, everything you really need to know and all the emotion is in there. It’s one of those songs you turn to when you’re looking for a moment of peace.

Fate to Make- This song really goes into reinforces Wesley’s country music flair. I wasn’t a big fan of the arrangement of sounds just because it was very country-styled but I did find that Wesley’s voice was a smooth contrast to the sharp fiddle sounds which was an interesting blend.

Half Past Fine- This was a really great ending song. I really loved Wesley’s vocals in this song and it wraps up the album in a way that sets a solid tone for the album as a whole.

Usually one of my biggest issues with songs that have really similar acoustic palettes is the rehash of the same things over and over but I found each of these songs quite unique from one another. After having heard the album once or twice, I could clearly differentiate one song from the other either. The songs all have lyrics concepts unique in themselves which I found very refreshing.

The details of Wesley’s debut concert are all here. Definitely check him out if you guys are looking for some acoustic music to move you into the coming spring.

CD Release PosterEvent Description:
“After two years of recording, planning, and scheming, Wesley’s first record “Do Re Mi” is finally finished! 11th Ave Records is  honored to host the CD release show April 4th at one of San Francisco’s best venues in town, The Lost Church!
Wesley’s new album follows up on his recent growth of momentum in 2013 after winning multiple songwriting awards, including Best Song of the Year by the West Coast Songwriters SF chapter, The Woodshed Sessions at Keith Holland Guitars, and was included as finalist in the Oaktown Music Festival.  The release of Wesley’s debut record “Do Re Mi” with 11th Ave Records this April will be followed up by a California tour in May as well.
 Opening the night will be Tommy P. and MJ Lee., supported by the fantastic 11th Ave Rhythm Section (AKA Rei Otsuka and Miguel Becerra).”

Special shout out to 11th Avenue Records for reaching out to me about this new album. 

If you guys want to check out more about Wesley Woo, click here.

– Cloudy

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