Tokyo Ravens Episode 21 and 22 Review


Tokyo Ravens Episode 21 (1) Tokyo Ravens Episode 21 (2)

Episode 21 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Tokyo Ravens Episode 21 (6)Harutora is in total denial at first and really I couldn’t even touch this anime in the last two weeks. I’m sure this is a huge shock for both the characters as well as the audience. Someone please tell me that this doesn’t happen in the manga as well… Episode 21 is the transition from Natsume’s death to the decisions and motivations behind the ensuing action in episode 22.

The Omnyo Agency Exorcism Department arrives at the moment to arrest Harutora and the group. I absolutely loved Harutora in this scene because the Raven Coat is literally the COOLEST familiar EVER. As they flee from the Magical Investigation Bureau, the bad guys approach Harutora to strike a deal with him. In exchange for the Taizan Fukun Ritual that will bring Natsume back but from the arc with Suzuka at the very beginning. Yashamaru is actually Suzuka’s father brought back to life as Takiko’s familiar and despite the totally sketchy proposal, Harutora is pretty determined to bring Natsume back to life.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 21 (7)

Meanwhile, Ohtomo-sensei is making his own move to visit Natsume’s body. Although it is revealed to us that Ohtomo figured everything out, he was too late to intervene which resulted in Natsume’s death. That’s probably true because he’d have the means to stop the Raven Coat without forfeiting his own life.

Touji also strikes his own plan to infiltrate Omnyo Agency and retrieve Harutora. Suzuka and Kyoko agree to help but Tenma seems to be a little suspicious. Either he’s already been brainwashed or he knows something that his friends don’t know because of his family’s position in the omnyo world. Since the Kurahashi family also has quite a close relationship with the Tsuchimikado family during Yakou’s generation, Kyoko seems to be another key figure to all of this. If you rewatch the opening, she has quite a few scenes that hint at her significance.

Episode 22 Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Ohtomo-sensei enlists that little megane boy, who’s actually D (in his true form), to help him distract the agency’s defenses while he infiltrates to do his own thing. Harutora is brought before Genji Kurahashi, Yashamaru and Kuromaru about the Taizan Fukan Ritual.

Yashamaru claims that Yakou did not fail in the Taizan Fukun Ritual and that the Great Spiritual Disaster was caused because Yakou failed in that area of Taizan Fukun magic. I mean, the ritual succeeded to some extent, after all, Harutora is able to wear the Raven’s Coat so that logic proves the success of the ritual itself. It is also revealed that during the Pacific War, Tsuchimikado family, the Kurahashi family and the Souma family collaborated to unify the different types of omnyo magic and create a practical Imperial style for all users. I really expected Maririn to be a bit calmer in the face of D because she’s supposed to be the omnyo agency’s strongest practitioner of barriers.

Suzuka definitely sees something strange in Kyoko…

Tokyo Ravens Episode 22 (17)

Tokyo Ravens Episode 22 (24)All the while, Harutora is being pressured to make a choice. Will he work with the baddies and really bring back Natsume like this? Kon appears just as Harutora is about to accept and it’s this moment that truly brings out the best aspect of Kon. Although she’s only a familiar, and she has no choice but to accept her master’s decisions, she implores Harutora to listen to her feelings. She points out that the normal Harutora would never have accepted this sort of exchange. Kon says that Natsume would never have wanted Harutora to stoop so low as to bring her back to life by immoral means. Harutora asserts that he will bring Natsume back to life no matter what so Kon argues that if Harutora is as determined as he claims to be, it is only fitting that Harutora, as the reincarnation of Yakou Tsuchimikado that he personal perform the Taizan Fukun Ritual. This already worries Genji and Yashamaru because I’m sure they had some twist planned in the ritual but thanks to Kon, Harutora really does consider personally taking part in the ritual. The baddies naturally turn on Harutora once their intentions have more or less been revealed… someone intervenes to try and save Harutora but… Yashamaru is pretty intense. He traps Harutora in the room and… TOUJI ARRIVES. WHOOOOOOO

Tokyo Ravens Episode 22 (26)

A lot of confusion in episode 22 and not very many answers. I really wonder how Natsume will return, if ever. As well, Harutora doesn’t seem to have regained any of Yakou’s memories, if he ever will. What are Ohtomo’s intentions regarding Harutora after he gets into the building?

I really wanted to get this review out before Tuesday’s new episode. Not too many screenshots this week because I’ve been super busy working on three essays for my classes but I hope you enjoyed the reviews nonetheless.

– Cloudy

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**I got Yashamaru and Kuromaru confused for a while when I was writing this review and had to go back and change names so if the names have been swapped anywhere, that’s my bad**

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