Nisekoi Episode 10 Review

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Nisekoi Episode 10 (2)Episode 10 of Nisekoi picks up immediately the day after Raku and Chitoge’s hot springs incident. Chitoge’s attitude towards Raku seems to be mellowing up – either because of the fact that she’s fallen into some sort of comfortable and acceptable rhythm to “couple” life or her blooming feelings for Raku are actually making her more pleasant to him. The next part of the trip is the “Test of Courage” where each boy pairs up with a girl from a random draw of a number to walk through the forest that’s been rigged with costumers to scare the crap out of you both.

If you follow the manga, then you KNOW that Raku just HAPPENS to draw the same number as Onodera, while Chitoge is stuck with Maiko. (And yes I definitely think that Raku used up a lifetime’s worth of luck in that one draw). I really wonder if Raku’s in tune with his feelings AT ALL because he clearly cares about Chitoge despite his constant inner-ravings about Onodera.

Chitoge ends up recruited as ghost by the students in charge of the event, or rather, she’s guilted into it because if you recall, Chitoge is DEATHLY afraid of the dark. Like SERIOUSLY – this fear goes back to her childhood when she fell into a crevice and became so terrified that she could not even cry out. As a result, she’s had a bit of nyctophobia. When her flashlight refuses to turn on, she is absolutely unable to function.

Nisekoi Episode 10 (21)

Onodera and Raku DO succeed in holding hands, however, when the other students get word of Chitoge’s ghost role and the fact that Adachi, another classmate, forgot to change the batteries on Chitoge’s flashlight, Raku just SPRINTS INTO THE FOREST. Both in the manga and in the anime, I found this moment intensely dramatic. The manga focuses a bit more on Raku’s inner struggle between Onodera and Raku but the animation in the anime, the way in which Raku’s separation from Onodera is shot, is really dramatic and intense.

When Raku finds Chitoge, it is really one of the sweetest moment thus far… I have yet to see my favourite moment in the manga animated but I hope we’re getting there. Raku leads Chitoge back and though they end up getting lost for a while, they have a bit of a breakthrough where they decide to call each other by first names henceforth. When they return to camp, Chitoge decides that she’s not raelly in a hurry to figure out her first love (probably because she might have a new love right now and that in itself is more imminent…)

Nisekoi Episode 10 (39)

Nisekoi Episode 10 (36)The field trip arc was really great in forwarding the relationship between Chitoge and Raku. To be honest, I can’t really see Onodera commanding a bunch of yakuza members if she were to end up with Raku. Chitoge definitely knows the politics of the situation and can handle the lifestyle better. I think Chitoge and Raku will be much more compatible in the long run if they end up together. I am really enjoying Nisekoi anime adaptation through Shaft’s animation lens and I’m glad that Nisekoi will be extended past the seasonal runtime because Raku’s locket stuff has been bracketed for now to advance the characters’ interpersonal relationships. We still have one more harem contender that has not been revealed yet and she will probably be coming shortly.

I hope you guys are enjoying Nisekoi as much as I am. The comedy is really great and the romance stuff isn’t too nauseous because it is a shonen-story. Stay tuned for the next episode’s review through email or twitter or wordpress and I will talk to you all soon!

Nisekoi Episode 10 (43)

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