D-Frag Episode 11 Recap & Pre-Finale Thoughts

D-Frag Episode 11 (40)

Hey guys, to say we’re looking at D-Frag’s penultimate episode where the battle for the survival of the Game Creation Club (Provisional) ensues. In the past ten episodes so far, we’ve seen a lot of crazy random hilarity that really doesn’t make much sense. The dramatic scenes are so over the top that you just can’t seem to take them seriously. If you ever go back to rewatch the anime, just bear in kind that the entire series is like an entire game itself.  In general, D-Frag has just been immensely enjoyable for me and I’m pretty sad to see it go as we near the end of the winter 2014 season…

These are really the extent of my review thoughts for this episode. Everything else is a recap of the episode for your story-remembering convenience and as great as D-Frag has been, we can’t pronounce final judgment on the series itself until we see the wrap-up next week.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited for the finale clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

D-Frag Episode 11 (7)This beginning of this episode picks up right in the middle of the discussion for what game the two sides will compete in. In the end, the GCC team turns towards Takao for a suggestion because she’s definitely most competent when it comes to game creating. Takao proposes a game in which both sides write a question on their cellphones. One team must attempt to nab the other team’s cell phone, answer their question and bring it back to the judge. Seems simple right? Well… it might get violent. Takao calls it “Cell Thieves” … Chitose and Kenji seem JUST a little too eager to play this game and beat Tama-chan. LOLLLL Everyone has that dark look on their face this episode.

D-Frag Episode 11 (20)Turns out that all of Tama-chan’s hugging really drained Roka of her strength and Roka needs to be taken to the nurse’s office. I mean, it’s not like this competition is life and death BUT the dialogue MAKES it so dramatic. Still, this episode really takes the spectrum of drama and comedy and juggles it constantly. Seriously, where are all the teachers at this school and why is it okay to run around the school or trash a classroom or let delinquents into the hallways. Lol wut? This is D-Frag, remember? Just go with it.

I’ve heard from many friends online and in person that Tama-chan is their new favourite character. Seems like Tama-chan is just as formidable and even more so than Chitose WHICH IS REALLY SAYING SOMETHING. I loved seeing all the characters (yes even the random side characters) appear to aid the GCC win their competition.

D-Frag Episode 11 (11)

Tama-chan’s team’s got an interesting collection of characters as well.  Other than Pukey/Barfy-senpai’s amazing regurgitate-ing powers, and Tama-chan’s immense authority, the ex-Student Council Treasurer Azuma Matsubara is a really big influence in the school to students and teachers. As well, the ex-student council vice president Naganuma… well, he’s not really all that great. To be honest, he’s just a gamer anime Otaku expert haha. In order to make up for his lack of sleep at school, Naganuma always has his eyes closed. (Is that even a power? Why is he even on the team and what is his means of combat?

D-Frag Episode 11 (35)Matsubara and Sakura end up going head to head in battle while Roka is left to face Naganuma… who’s easily disarmed because Roka and Sakura sound like the cute voice actresses in his visual novels and he can’t possibly hit people with such sweet voices. Roka ends up recharging in Kenji’s arms for most of the episode and she sends Kenji back upstairs UTILIZING HIS SECRET MOVE – THE VERTICAL JUMP, to help Chitose back in the classroom. LOL They could have picked a better name, but oh it works. I guess. Back on the second floor, Kenji is confronted by the basketball club (unleashed by Tama-chan) to stop Kenji. Roka gets the cell phone from Naganuma and answers the questions, it’s all up to Kenji to get back to the classroom now.

Chitose puts up her hair… getting serious now. Ponytail Chitose versus Pigtails Tama-chan. WHO WILL EMERGE AS VICTOR? If only my high school years were this awesome.

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini review and recap. I can’t wait for the finale of D-Frag and whether or not any of the harem romance stuff will suddenly take place OR if we’ll just end on a friendship-let’s-go-back-to-the-club-and-be-happy note.

– Cloudy

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