Tokyo Ravens Episode 23 Review & Pre-Finale Thoughts

Tokyo Ravens Episode 23 (32)

I really loved this episode of Tokyo Ravens. There was so much action, so much plot advancement, so much build-up that I am just dying to see the finale.

Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Tokyo Ravens Episode 23 (4)When Menma parted ways with Touji, Kyoko and Suzuka, he’s approached by Saotome Suzu (the little girl loving senpai, the one that always randomly bumps into Harutora) and agrees to undertake a plan in order to infiltrate the agency and release the Raven Coat. It seems like Tenma’s dull, unnoticeable and plain demeanour comes in handy at a time like this. He conducts an invisibility concealment spell that gets him past D’s ghost curses and even the magical barrier surrounding the facilities where the raven coat was held.

All the while, D and Miyachi are fighting outside the agency while Kagami confronts Ohtomo-sensei within the building. I am really intrigued by the way Kagami fights but Ohotomo is SO MUCH MORE SKILLED. He’s usually pretty humble and easygoing but I guess Natsume’s death has driven him to take extreme measures against the agency and he just pummels Kagami with so much skill and finesse. I really wonder at the back story between Kagami and Ohtomo… Since the adults duking it out on their own, they’re thoroughly surprised when the Raven Coat escpaes. At the same time, Harutora’s triad of friends arrive to save him – loved seeing Suzuka’s whirlwind spell here, it was pretty epic. As well, we get to see Touji’s Second Seal Purge which is AWESOME. Tenma returns the Raven Coat to Harutora and Yasazumi Tsuchimikado appears all of a sudden to help our heroes escape. As well, we find out that THE DIVINE FAN AMAMI IS NOT DEAD!! YAY!! Harutora decides to go through with the Taizan Fukun ritual on his own, to revive Natsume.

When the group is confronted by Divine General Zenjirou Kogure and Ohtomo-sensei arrives at the scene, the two exorcists are about to engage in battle… BUT THEN –and it was totally hinted– Kyoko’s eyes sparkle even more intensely and has an out of body experience where she witnesses the stars above everyone’s heads, has a vision of all the collective universes and even sees Natsume’s stars in the inner-workings of the spirit world. I have to admit, this part is pretty intense, even Kogure and Ohtomo are shocked by Kyoko’s predictions.

“The rules of what is forbidden are just things decided by man…”

Tokyo Ravens Episode 23 (33)

Why does Kyoko have this power? Not sure at all but Ohtomo’s right when he says that his class is full of problem students. Ohtomo’s spell buys a distraction for Harutora, Touji and Suzuka to escape. Even in these dire circumstances, I admire Ohtomo’s wit and collected but determined resolve. I am so impressed by the character he’s become and I can’t wait to see him fight a Divine General.

Tokyo Ravens Episode 23 (20)I am also very impressed by the way Tokyo Ravens has turned out. It surely has had its ups and downs. The Raven Coat reveal was definitely a surprise but the concept of it being a familiar is very interesting. I’m intrigued by the selection of familiars and the possession of them. We haven’t really seen Ohtomo-sensei’s familiars and I wonder what he or she or it would be. (Is it the cane?). I’m definitely looking forward to next week’s episode and they better bring Natsume back to life or I will be sorely disappointed with the series ending. As well, I could potentially see a season 2 of Tokyo Ravens judging by the way the story’s unfolded thus far. Harutora could definitely run into a lot more problems with the Raven Coat and his confirmed status as Yakou’s reincarnation. Perhaps if season 2 showcased the characters as adults, there would be a lot more action because the characters wouldn’t be confined to student life and restricted by their superiors. I’d be interested to see how everyone turns out… (Maybe an OVA?)

Tokyo Ravens Episode 23 (26)Episode 23 of Tokyo Ravens stands as one of the strongest episodes in the entire series and rightly so because it is all ending next week with Harutora’s Taizan Fukun ritual and Natsume OR Harutora’s death depending on how this works out. Honestly I hope that both of them can live happily ever after but the ritual is an intensely unsteady wild card in the greater scheme of things and could end horribly for both of them…

So there you have it. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I can’t wait to review the finale of Tokyo Ravens for you guys!!

– Cloudy

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3 thoughts on “Tokyo Ravens Episode 23 Review & Pre-Finale Thoughts

  1. The starss’ divination from Kyoko was something didn’t see coming and have to say it is what made me appreciated Tokyo Ravens despite its downs in the overall series thus far. “the ritual is an intensely unsteady wild card in the greater scheme of things and could end horribly for both of them…” I have to agree with you. You make such a good point. The Taizan Fukun Ritual is something very unknown and not sure how Harutora, the current Yakou, since he is Yakou will pull it off. Hopefully it doesn’t end badly for everyone involved.

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