Horimiya First Impressions

Horimiya-4126007Hello everyone and today we’re looking at another fun manga that I recently got into and binge read in two nights. The series is still ongoing but I really wanted to share my thoughts on Horimiya with you guys. It was first released in 2011 and is one of the most popular shounen mangas out there. That’s right, it falls into the shounen category; but still, as a usually shojo reader, I was thoroughly pleased with the series.

First Impressions Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Horimiya is a light high school romance comedy about a girl named Kyouko Hori who puts on two completely different personalities in school and at home. Due to her parents’ busy schedule, she’s assumed daily responsibility for her brother even though she dresses up pretty and cute for school. One day when Hori’s younger brother Souta gets lost, a boy from Hori’s class brings him back to her house and Hori becomes friends with Izumi Miyamura, who also sports a completely differen tlook outside school.  The quiet and reserved school Miyamura is totally opposite in off hours when he’s quite friendly and talkative. Somehow, the two end up sharing their after school hours every day  at Hori’s house and their true selves stay a secret to everyone else. What I really enjoyed about Horimiya was that it was mostly high school comedy and it’s really only in the quiet moments between Hori and Miyamura that we get some romance. The romance is really very mild and it’s great for someone just looking for a light high school comedy versus an intense shojo reader.

The story is by HERO and the art is illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara. Although I love how Hori’s character was visually drawn as well as Miyamura’s after school long haired look, it took a while for me to get use to Miyamura’s rather girl-ish look. It’s only in the later chapters where he cuts his hair (yes, he actually does it), that he starts looking a bit manlier. All in all the art style is really light on the eyes as is the entire story. Nothing gets really dark or too serious anywhere, the characters are all charming with their own little quirks in their own ways  and you find yourself really attracted to the story because it becomes quite character driven.

I don’t quite know how the story is going to end because right now, as it stands, there are only about 32 chapters out for read and it’s up to around chapter 30 that our two main characters become an item. Another thing I wanted to point out was how natural the couple status came to Hori and Miyamura. There weren’t crazy sparkly double spreads or doki-doki confessions. Instead, it was just a quite moment where you know and acknowledge that you’ve had a connection with this person and that he or she has become a part of your regular life and routine. That’s the most refreshing element of Horimiya in that it stays away from those cliched confession scenes for arguably much more realistic relationship development.

We’re not far into the story enough to see the other characters develop their own relationships however I’m sensing some side relationship developments soon. Overally, I found Horimiya really enjoyable and relaxing. No crazy drama, no heartbreaking back stories – and despite this, the main characters are still fairly well rounded because of their specific circumstances in the key premise of the plot. I would very much recommend this to anyone looking for a lighthearted story to de-stress or carry you into that spring mood.

There are currently a total of four volumes published in Japanese and serialized in GFantasy so you’ll have to find this online by fan-translator teams (bless their hearts). I hope you guys liked this introductory review and I hope you’ll enjoy Horimiya as much as I did.

– Cloudy

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