Kill La Kill Episode 23 Rant

FINALLY finished my last essay and my reward is writing this wonderful rant for episode 23 of Kill La Kill… Today we watch MAKO MANKANSHOKU, FIGHT CLUB PRESIDENT KICK ASS. Our FAVOURITE KLK Sisters team up against their crazy fashionista monster and NUI’S TOTALLY LOST HER MARBLES

Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Kill La Kill Episode 23 (10)Our super smart Elite 4 Inumuta figures out the secret behind the scissor swords revealing the reason why Nui’s arms were unable to regenerate after being severed by the pair of blades. Inumuta deduces that when Life Fibers are cut, they regenerate from either side of the thread but when both sides are severed simultaneously from both sides, they have no hope of regenerating. AHA!

Satsuki and Ryuko craft a cleverly elaborate plan (using Satsuki as the decoy again) to get close to Ragyo who reveals that the giant Life Fiber is planning on consuming even more human energy sources.

Kill La Kill Episode 23 (16)All the while, Mako takes a light snack while fighting to defend the Nudist Sol. Her fight is pretty intense at this point and Mako’s resilient resolve towards her friendship with Ryuko really shows through her persistence to continue fighting despite being almost too week to HALLELUA!! Just as Mako prepares to charge into battle once more, THE ELITE 4 STEP IN – THIS TIME WITH ALL NEW COMBAT GOKU UNIFORMS!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ULTIMATE BATTLE REGALIA GOOOOOO!!!! (LOVE THE SCORE MUSIC FOR THE ELITE 4)

I LOVEDDDD seeing Ryuko and Satsuki’s teamwork in this episode. It’s amazing how powerful they can be when they’re fighting with and not against each other. They imagine to tick off Ragyo quite a bit and just as Ragyo is about to strike down Satsuki, SATSUKI’S LIVING SHIELD GAMAGOORI APPEARS, AS DOES HER OTHER THREE ELITE!!!

RYUKO FLIES INTO THE HEART OF THE LIFE FIBER, DETERMINED TO SLICE IT IN HALF! Mikisugi wants to provide extra support with the Nudist Sol but it’s seriously lacking manpower in the engines. What happens is that Mako takes to the engines and single-handedly starts powering the ship again. I LOVED THIS MOMENT SO SO SO MUCH because it really demonstrated just how far Mako is willing to go for her best friend *tear* Mako even inspires all the other two-star club presidents to help power the engine and OUR HEROES SUCCEED IN DESTROYING THE ORIGINAL LIFE FIBER! WHOOOOOOOOO

And just as you think the action is going to die down… NUI APPEARS WITH SHINRA-KOKETSU (and I seriously have to give major major gold stars for Nui’s voice actress in her creepy monologue). The next mission is to charge Honnouji academy… however not without another cup of tea first 😉 (I love seeing Gamagoori hold a tiny tea cup hahaha, it looks like a miniature in his hand)

I’m guessing that the next episode is really going to cram in a hell of a lot because Nui takes over the credits at the very end, interrupting Mako’s adorable shots for an extra preview of the pre-showdown before the battle. There must be a CRAZY TON OF ACTION to wrap up the show next week. OHMIGOSH. I’M SO EXCITED!!!

Got a little carried away with this week’s screenshots but there were just TOO MANY AWESOME SCENES!!

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Kill La Kill Episode 23 Rant

  1. Mako’s power level is OVER 9000 (except for her brain. That stays at zero).

    Also the ED hijack, courtesy of Nui, was the best of her fourth-wall-breaking hijinks yet.

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