D-Frag Episode 12 Finale Review

D-Frag Episode 12 (5) D-Frag Episode 12 (16)

The finale episode of D-Frag wasn’t really much of a finale in my opinion and leaves a lot of leeway for a season 2 to air should the fans demand it. The episode ended with the Game Creation Club (Provisional) intact, but honestly, the wrap up was so shallow and superficial. We barely saw any Roka scenes and none of the reverse harem romance stuff was ever brought up. In fact, episode 12 was pretty awkward in structure. We can best recap it in three sections…

Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

D-Frag Episode 12 (1)Section 1: All the teachers in the office have heard about the game between the GCC and the Ex-Student Council third years. There’s a lot of random filler to ramp up the epicness of the fight as all the senseis make bets on who’s going to win.

Section 2: Roka introduces the rivalry between Chitose and Tama-chan by taking us back to their childhood meeting. Chitose was playing in the sandbox in the park while her sister watches from the side. A big shot little girl named Tama-chan destroys the sand castle and Chitose’s sister suggests Chitose to make friends with Tama-chan… Tama-chan rejects this LOL with an air of chibi superiority. ADORABLE CHIBI CHILDHOOD ROKA APPEARS – AND THUS THE DESTINED THREE CAME TO MEET!! Chitose was actually a pretty crybaby kid and it’s really Roka who helped Chitose rebuild her sandcastle and get revenge on Tama-chan for destroying their creation. Hey you have to admit, four year old Roka is pretty darn epic and cool LOLLLLLL

Section 3: Flashback to the Present after the first ten minutes of awkward filler; the battle between Chitose, Kenji and Tama-chan ensues. Kenji’s opening move is to insult Tama-chan’s pigtails OOOOH BURRRNNNN. A lot of random fighting with shields and hair and hairstyles and taunting takes place… in the end, the GCC wins with a little help from Takano and a secret plot between Kenji and Roka to ambush Tama-chan with her ultimate darkness bag attack.

Conclusion and Climax? – Actually, Tama-chan wasn’t really trying to fight the GCC for realsies since the cell phone questions were easy anyway. In the end, Tama-chan joins the GCC as well and things wrap up. BUT NOT BEFORE PUKEY SENPAI REAPPEARS LOL I love the GCC’s reaction to Pukey cause they’re a united front against this rather… messy senpai and even Kenji’s totally immersed himself into the craziness of this club… Still, the final showdown was really like a Party versus Boss Attack sort of set up which alluded to the game theme consistent in the series so that was a good aspect of the climax.

… For some reason, hair becomes a big issue in the last few seconds of the club… just before their sensei walks in and announces that everyone’s suspended for a while on account of their tag game (to put it mildly)

D-Frag Episode 12 (46)

Final Thoughts:

D-Frag Episode 12 (21)I’m not sure how I feel about the reverse harem setting other than the fact that it gives opportunities for fans to ship Kenji with one of the girls or personally fan squeal over the fanservice-ridden Takano or the moe-moe Roka. I could have done without the Takano and Kenji episode in the middle of the series where they go on a “date” thing and while D-Frag is immensely hilarious, it lacks any real substance beyond the friendship and occasional intense moments and even so, these moments are so overtly exaggerated that it’s impossible to figure out if anyone’s really being serious. D-Frag is less of an anime for reverse harem fans rather than a show for really unpredictable high school comedy and moe fans. Really, I question the sanity of the mangeka who created the story because things are just so RANDOM.

D-Frag Episode 12 (17)To be honest, looking back on everything that’s happened in D-Frag, there’s really no story. The story really lightly portrayed the original manga sequence of events. While some of the comedy is repetitive, but this is one of those series you watch for the characters and the moe and the dialogue, not so much for the plot itself. What did you guys think of D-Frag? Like? Dislike? Sad to see it go? It’ll definitely be difficult to find a new spring anime that will fill the comedy void that D-Frag has left us now that the series had concluded.

I hope D-Frag returns with a season 2 for more comedy and crazy antics. Producers if you’re reading this, make a season 2!!

Thank you guys so much for following D-Frag with me. Who ended up as your favourite character? Did you like the last episode? And doesn’t Tama-chan really look like Primula from Shuffle?

– Cloudy

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    • Okay I went back and watched the unlocked crystal skull part… im not really picking up on anything in particular….? Could someone please explain to me what’s going on? I’m not far enough into the manga to piece it all togehter

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