“Yeah, we’re neither humans nor clothing. But at the same time, we are humans, and clothing, and EVERYTHING ELSE. Humans can’t becoming clothing. Humans are humans and clothing is clothing! THAT’S JUST WHO WE ARE!” – Ryuko and Senketsu

Kill La Kill Episode 24 (87)

Episode 24 Rating: 4.5/5 happy clouds Crop_45 Clouds Transparent

The Recap:

Kill La Kill Episode 24 (19)The episode begins with a full frontal assault on the Life Fiber transmitter at Honnouji Academy. SUPER GOKU UNIFORM HUNDRED-MAN ATTACK! And it fails. Because there’s a life fiber jammer around it. Meanwhile, Satsuki and Ryuko are fighting Ragyo and Nui. Seems like Nui’s new life fiber arms are stronger than they look. Ragyo flashes Omnisilk Kouketsu AKA an attack called Absolute Domination which paralyzes anyone wearing life fibers and strips them of their powers. Ragyo calls on the ultimate Life Fiber (which is still pretty alive), to consume the rest of the students. Gamagoori, clutching the rest of the Elite, with Mako on his back, is climbing up the stairs on sheer force. Mako preaches and Nui attempts to stab her but GAMAGOORI TAKES THE HIT FOR HER AND MAKO CALLS HIM SENPAI!!! CUTEEEEE!! Nui loses her shit again to finish off Gamagoori but Ryuko strips off Senketsu and defends him in her underwear, grateful that her life fiber body can resist Absolute Domination. OKAY FOR A MOMENT HERE WE THINKTHAT GAMAGOORI HAS DIED T_T MAKO’S REACTION ;____;

Ragyo and Nui are so confident that they actually tell Ryuko where to attack Ragyo but Ryuko still can’t reach her. When Senketsu calls out to her, it turns out that Satsuki can HEAR him now. Kill La Kill Episode 24 (37)As the ultimate life fiber grabs all the other students, Elite 4 and Satsuki, SENKETSU ATTACKS RAGYO ON HIS OWN WITH GALE BLADE!!! The other students regain their life fiber powers and break free! I have never seen Mako so serious in her life. OHMIGOD. Senketsu and Ryuko are really the perfect fighting combination duo. Ryuko head-butts her mother head on. Satsuki and Ryuko take her on together while the Elite 4 head to the transmitted. Nui defends the transmitter and GAMAGOORI RETURNS TO RIP APART THE LIFE FIBER BY FORCE!!! SHIT. THAT WAS REALLY AWESOME. The transmitter explodes and the sisters totally tear apart Ragyo with the scissor swords.

Kill La Kill Episode 24 (51) Kill La Kill Episode 24 (50)

Kill La Kill Episode 24 (62)Ragyo asks Nui to give up her body and Nui decapitates herself to join the original life fiber and bring it back to life. Nui and the life fiber are donned by Ragyo. Inumuta deduces that Ragyo is going to active the signal and awaken the life fibers of the world. As Ryuko and her allies decide what to do, Ryuko volunteers to go on her own. MAKO STEPS IN FOR AN INSPIRATION SPEECH!! For mankind’s survival! For girls’ clothing! Ryuko absorbs the life fibers of all her fellow students and SENKETSU TRANSFORMS AGAIN INTO THE ULTIMATE FASHION MODE! (Even Senketsu’s left eye opens!!!) Ryuko pretty much went into Super Saiyan mode here but it’s AWESOME and while her outfit design resembles her first life fiber synchronize, it also has a more fashionable aspect making her akin to an aerial fairy for the final battle which takes place in space. Ryuko takes a fatal hit just to push her and Senketsu’s power to its fullest limit and she begins to absorb Ragyo’s absolute domination power. Ryuko reveals that her father’s final and more powerful weapon weren’t the scissor swords, but the ability to absorb life fibers and their abilities (which is why we always see Senketsu absorb life fiber threads after battles.)

Kill La Kill Episode 24 (100)Ryuko and Ragyo have one last exchange and just when you think that Ragyo understands where the good guys are coming from, she rips her own heart and crushes it. Senketsu takes Ryuko back to earth and as their diving through the atmospheric layers, Senketsu begins to burn and disintegrate. Ryuko is falling head first back to earth and it’s her sister who cries out at her and sprints out to catch her. The force of Ryuko’s drop pushes Satsuki back to Mako, Nonon, Inumuta, Sanageyama, Gamagoori, Mako’s family and EVERYONE ELSE. GROUP HUG!!!!!! Satsuki welcomes Ryuko home and Ryuko acknowledges, calling Satsuki “Nee-san”!!!!!!! I TEARED UP AT THAT. SO TOUCHING! OMG. MY FAVOURITE MOMENT!!!

The credits are pretty awesome as well. We see Ryuko and Mako actually going on their date in cute casual outfits. They’re joined by a much more sophisticated young lady with her long navy blue hair cut short hair. I have to say that once Satsuki has her hair cut, she really looks like Ryuko. Even the Elite 4 are creeping after them. Nonon naturally curious, Inumuta gathering data, Sanageyama appreciating the view (now that he can see) and Gamagoori holding flowers (D’AWW)

Thoughts on the Ending:

Kill La Kill Episode 24 (96)For Trigger’s first original story, I have to say, they really got it right. Of all the anime series finishing this winter season, Kill La Kill’s finale was probably the best one and it had A LOT of hopes and expectations riding on it because it’s become such a popular anime. I’m glad to see that Ragyo’s defeat wasn’t because Ryuko overcame her absolute domination power by sheer force, rather it was because Ryuko and Senketsu were tailor-made to skillfully disarm Ragyo. After all, if you can destroy something labeled “absolute,” then it wasn’t really “absolute.” I loved hearing ambiguous play as Satsuki and Ryuko were fighting hand in hand against Ragyo towards the middle of the show. It was also pretty great that Senketsu got ONE LAST transformation. Having Ryuko wear everyone’s goku uniforms and life fibers was a really great way to amp up her power and motivation for the final fight. Although I was pretty sad to see Senketsu disintegrate, I guess it makes sense just because all the life fibers are dying and disintegrating so there’s no need for Senketsu to exist because there’s no longer a need to fight. Still, it’s not every day that we get a death scene involving a sailor suit and what the writers did with the dialogue was just brilliantly bittersweet. Everything wrapped up really nicely, even Ryuko and Satsuki’s relationship when Satsuki is the one to catch her sister and Ryuko finally addresses Satsuki by familial title.

I know an OVA will be released some time in the next few months so I would love it if the OVA depicted all the characters getting along either in a real high school setting or just interacting at Mako’s house. Because they’ve all been in a serious atmosphere for the most part of the series, it’ll be amusing to see them take it easy doing teenager-ee things.

Overall Series Rating: 5/5 kickass clouds 55rainbowclouds

Kill La Kill Episode 24 (103)Kill La Kill is one of those series that you start for the action, perhaps the fan service, and the crazy exaggerated combat, but you ultimately stay for the twists, the story and the epic battle that you just KNOW Trigger has planned for the end. I have to admit that some people said that Kill La Kill was just an action-driven anime with no substantial plot in the beginning when the story was confined to Honnouji Academy, however it turned into a much more comprehensive and well thought out story. There were great character designs aesthetically and amazing outfits cause the show is so clothing/fashion-oriented. As well, all supporting characters got some semblance of a back story and ultimately no one important was left underdeveloped in terms of personality. Satsuki became one of the most complex characters of the show instead of just a dictator-like student body president, Nui as a creature bred from life fibers is also a subject of debate seeing as she has little to no human morals and one might even say that Mako, in all her simplicity is a complex little girl on her own 😉

Kill La Kill Episode 24 (98)The art style is very trademark to the show (as are the scissor swords), the music is just FANTASTIC, the script and directing all worked fabulously well together. Everything was just really on par. Trigger gave us a climax and an ending that we were all expecting and its happily ever after is one that lets you FINALLY EXHALE after twenty-four episodes of intense fast-paced breakneck action. It’ll be hard to find a replacement for Kill La Kill folks but as much as I loved Kill La Kill, I wouldn’t want a Season 2 because everything in this ending finished everything just so perfectly. I’m glad that there were no season 2 hints as well and the fact that Senketsu died was also a hint at the finality of the series end.

Additional Random Thoughts

– I loved how the Elite 4 became more than just lackeys

– I found the life fiber world system really unique compared to other anime


– Ryuko and Satsuki are the COOLEST siblings

I hope you guys enjoyed Kill La Kill as much as I did and if you skipped out on it in the Fall Season, you should definitely go back and watch the whole thing now that it’s finished. Let me know how you guys felt about the ending in the comments or tweet to me @CuriousCloudy. Thank you guys so much for following my Kill La Kill rants these last few months! If you read this post to the end, you really are awesome!

– Cloudy

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