Nisekoi Episode 11 and 12 Review

Nisekoi Episode 11 (32)

Episode 11 Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

WOW I was so surprised when Chitoge and Raku exchanged first names!! It totally means that they’re getting super comfortable with each other. Ruri and Onodera are surprised too and Ruri’s reaction is pretty hilarious cause she jabs Onodera in frustration XD haha

Nisekoi Episode 11 (28)Tsugumi pulls the gang aside and invites them to Chtoge’s birthday party which is actually today. I think Raku should really act like he knew it was Chitoge’s birthday in the first place but no one really questioned it. Ruri sets up Onodera and Raku to go present shopping together for Chitoge and pretty much orders them to go on a date… I thought it was super cute that Raku saw Onodera on the other side of the glass fixing her hair, but Onodera is seriously REALLY SHY. Raku’s still pondering the conversation he overheard between Onodera and Ruri about Onodera’s promise from ten years ago…

Nisekoi Episode 11 (16)Onodera and Raku have a moment towards the end of their mini shopping trip and decide to take a detour on their way back. She shows him an awesome view above the city and it becomes their little secret… their promise of a secret. ONODERA CALLS HIM BY HIS FIRST NAME ALL CAUGHT UP IN THE MOMENT. OMG. RAKU COMES OUT AND ASKS HER ABOUT THE PROMISE (by accident by naturally the real question pops out). Onodera says that she is that girl… at least, she thinks she is. CONFESSION BUILD UP – but just as a confession is about to come out, Raku’s phone rings and they head to Chitoge’s house. Chitoge’s family secret comes out, courtesy of Raku and everyone’s surprisingly calm about it.

The Claude and Raku interactions were hilarious in this episode. It’s nice to see the cast in a party setting and casual clothing. The present giving was really great moment between Chitoge and Raku. Later when she and Raku talk on the balcony, well, let’s just say that they are both too tsundere to admit any sweet words or comments. Seems like Raku’s really in a pickle now cause he hears “Zawsze in Love” from Chitoge and he’s totally shocked (cause this is actually the phrase that he exchanged with that girl with the promise as well)…

Nisekoi Episode 11 (48)

I’m glad the writers put both of these developments together in one episode so that both Raku X Onodera and Raku X Chitoge seem to be advancing at a similar pace and it makes it harder for the viewers to guess who he’ll end up with.

Episode 12 Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds TransparentNisekoi Episode 12 (1)

Episode 11 and 12 align seamlessly with each other in that Chitoge and Raku pick off at that suspenseful moment where they are deliberating over “Zawsze in Love” and they go total tsundere-mode. They decide to test Chitoge’s key to Raku’s lock ANDDDDD…. *drum roll* the key snaps because it’s too old. But as much as Chitoge hates touchy-feely stuff, I’m glad she came out and told Raku about the key quickly because this new development makes Raku suspicious of the entire promise and the plot thickens exactly where it’s supposed to.

Nisekoi Episode 12 (13)

Raku bumps into Chitoge’s father on his way back to the party and he recounts the time that he spent about a month in Japan discussing matters with Raku’s father.Nisekoi Episode 12 (20) It was when the talks concluded that Raku’s father recalls how Chitoge and Raku had become immensely close friends. This little reveal really shocks Raku and portrays Chitoge in a totally new light… but then he finds out that there were THREE of them that summer – that Chitoge, Raku and Onodera all played together as kids. Raku wonders why there are two keys… after all, the keys look totally different and don’t seem to be related to the lock in any other way.

Raku takes the lock to Maiko whose father will fix it (though it’ll take some time). Since Chitoge’s feelings for Raku are somewhat prominent now, Raku’s lovey-dovey act with her really upsets her, making her blush and overreact right in front of their classmates and Claude who’s watching outside from a tree. Chitoge storms off and Raku bumps into Onodera when he goes looking for her.

Nisekoi Episode 12 (41)The photos from the school trip have been developed and are up for order… Ruri steps in to prompt Raku and Onodera along in their awkward friendship by pointing out a picture with the two of them. As well, Maiko is selling embarrassing photos of the girls to the other guys on the side LOL I am really enjoying Yuki Kaji’s role in this anime series. Raku ends up spotting a photo of Chitoge but Onodera is changing in the back, he takes the photo from the wall to turn into the teacher but when he bumps into Onodera, she sees the photo. Although Onodera knows about Chitoge and Raku’s fake relationship, she can’t help but wonder how Raku really feels about Chitoge. Onodera’s also really hesitant to bring up the issue of the key again.

The episode wraps up with a conversation between Raku and his father where the Yakuza Boss reveals that there are photos of the trip from ten years ago, in the storehouse. EVIDENCE!!

What do you guys think about Nisekoi so far? Are you Team Chitoge or Team Onodera? I can see Onodera’s appeal to Japanese guys who like bashful and more reserved sorts of girls but at the same time, Chitoge has the tsundere anime character appeal. Still, not all the characters have been revealed yet and judging by the end card of this episode, Nisekoi’s last girl will appear soon.

– Cloudy

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