Nobunaga the Fool Episode 13 Recap and Review

Everyone is reeling at the news of Ichihime’s betrothal to Caesar in order to forge an alliance between the two factions.

Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 13 (6)I really how the story zeroed in on the characters in this episode. There was a much greater dynamic focus to the pace. Ichihime’s duty as the daughter of a clan lord and her unwavering resolve to carry it out despite sacrificing her life is admirable. We never see Ichihime’s moments of weakness, she always seems to be presented as the perfect princess and she does hold up to the role. Her part in the story illustrates just how different women’s gender roles are so confined in this era. At least in the west, as far as we know, we see some women around King Arthur’s round table, whereas the women of the east always seem domestically confined.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 13 (12)Speaking of the west, the brothers of the round table are pretty shocked at Caesar’s alliance with the Oda clan and they see it as an act of treason against the Star of the West. However, one General proposes that this might be Caesar’s attempt to consolidate power and move up in their ranks within the Brotherhood. Others agree and Caesar’s left to his own devices again. Both stars are observing the weakening of the ley lines. Caesar posits that the west may potentially invade the east. Nobunaga agrees that they should strike swiftly against the west while the west underestimates the east. While Caesar decides to fight based on manpower, Mitsuhide fights based on strategy and the clash on council. Caesar seems to goad everyone on council. He questions Joan’s resolve regarding Nobunaga as the saviour king. Mitsuhide approaches Joan and asks about her vision. Joan reveals to Mitsuhide that she’s always had visions and these visions were mostly ominious but Joan feels that if Nobunaga is the true saviour king, her ominious feelings will disappear. Caesar’s claim that King Arthur is the saviour king has shaken Joan a bit but she’s determined to stick to her belief in Nobunaga.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 13 (19)Da Vinci tries another experiment to combine the Regalia in order to enhance the Yamatai ship’s abilities so that it can transcend ley lines and stars. This interesting combination of powers upgrades the ship and Nobunaga newly dubs it the Azuchi. In general, a lot of plot building takes place as the east is readying its forces in the case of invasion. Mitsuhide draws a card from Da Vinci and it comes out as the reversed Ace of Swords signifying stubbornness, willfulness and assertiveness. Mitsuhide bumps into Hideyoshi in the courtyard and they converse over a snack. Hideyoshi FINALLY brings up Ichihime in front of Mitsuhide. (LOL Never seen Mitsuhide so caught off guard). Hideyoshi encourages Mitsuhide to be honest about his feelings and start thinking from Ichihime’s point of view.

Ichihime and Mitsuhide gaze up at the stars and speak in poetic banter. She asks Mitsuhide to take care of Nobunaga and yet Mitsuhide claims that no one can take Ichihime’s place. Nobunaga the Fool Episode 13 (35)Mitsuhide more or less expresses the fact that he could not do anything about her predicament. (Love the music in this scenes). MItsuhide has flashbacks of what’s happened thus far and he apologizes to Ichihime for not being able to protect her. Ichihime reveals that she will go to Caesar tomorrow, strictly for the good of the clan, their people and the peace of the star. She once again asks Mitsuhide to aid Nobunaga in his drem to unite the stars for it is also her dream. Nobunaga the Fool Episode 13 (33)She gives Mitsuhide her comb, asking him to bury the comb at the Bodaiji Temple should anything happen to her. Mitsuhide is shocked by her request but agrees and accepts the comb. He takes her hands and vows to protect her with his life. Really, this is one of the sweetest scenes of the entire series. Because the story is so war and politics-driven, we don’t always see these personal moments within court life. In another scene later, Mitsuhide is sending his three female shinobi to watch over Ichihime. The episode ends with two other characters from the west approaching the star of the east on a ship.

After all this, it is very possible that Ichihime’s death will occur later in the series and I really hope she doesn’t die because her death could be the catalyst that drives Mitsuhide over the edge. Historically, Mitsuhide was the one who claimed responsibility for Nobunaga’s death. His motivations are generally disputed but if this aspect of the story follows history, Mitsuhide will betray the Oda clan later. So far, everyone significantly portrayed in the opening sequences has been more or less taken up a role in Nobunaga’s forces and in the story. Caesar’s sort of a wild card at this point because no one is sure where his allegiances lie. However, I’m sure he’ll be stabbed by Brutus or some other character sooner or later. As well, I’m hoping the upcoming episodes will introduce us to the enigmas around the table which have, up till this point, remained mysteries.

The anime world of Nobunaga the Fool takes quite a while to settle into and understand but once you do, you’ll enjoy seeing how the history of each character’s lives intertwine in this mashed up time period of mecha and magic. I’m looking forward to more of Nobunaga the Fool. How bout you?

– Cloudy

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