No Game No Life First Impressions

No Game No Life Episode 1 (12)

Rating: 4.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Wow, I am really glad I gave No Game No Life a chance. I’m always appprehensive of game-themed anime series since the success of .hack and the controversy of SAO. Even Log Horizon couldn’t hold my attention for too long but I see how the anime writers are really trying to re-invent the game genre series because of all the hype in the last year or so.

No Game No Life follows a pair of sibings, Sora and his youger sister Shiro, who are both shut-ins, hard core, NEET gamers. They’re introduced through an MMOPRG fighting game where they control a team of four and are known as “blank” to other online gamers. (Interesting because the characters of Sora and Shiro put together mean blank). After a strange online message and a hardcore game of chess, the sibllings are transported to a fantasy world where games dictate all transactions and agreements. They meet the God- Tet who explains the ten commandments of the world and they begin to settle into the world.

No Game No Life Episode 1 (26)It’s interesting to see how attached the siblings are to each other after having bonded out of their love of gaming. On first glance, the story is mainly told from Sora’s point of view because he’s older and generally takes the lead when the siblings arrive into the game world. Shiro is amazing, she’s a genius who can calculate anything and everything within the parameters of the set game. However, when she comes across something unpredictable, she needs her brother there to pick up on whoever’s cheating or going off calculations. Together, they make a pretty deadly team of gamers.

The premise of the show asks a few important questions that set the tone of the series. Like in every game anime, questions about life and death, truly living or living as a gamer, are reused and rehashed. No Game No Life Episode 1 (16)I admire the way No Game No Life approaches the genre in that it explains the world as a really unpredictable game with no purpose, no goal and no rules in which a chaos generator basically dominates in the real world. The real world ca be pretty intimidating to gamers who are use to a certain structure. Once you’re aware of all the elements and rules of the game as well as the end goal, you can naturally figure out a failsafe plan in order to conquer those settings. Since Sora and Shiro are very strong gamers, they’ll have no problem getting by in the fantasy game world. The overarching question in the world is why? And what is Tet’s purpose of creating such a world?

No Game No Life Episode 1 (6)Since the anime is adapted from the Japanese light novel series written and illustrated by Yu Kamiya, there’s a limit to how far the series will go and how it will conclude because the light novel series is still ongoing. This anime will be attracted to all fantasy, action genres lovers, video gamers and general anime watchers that enjoy fabulous art. First off, I love the character designs of Sora and Shiro, super recognizeable and very different from any other pairs of siblings I’ve ever seen (partially because Shiro is an albino). As well, the fantasy setting of the game world allows the artists and illustrators to paint and design in a flamboyant and whimsical sense making the animation gorgeously vivid and stunning.

I highly recommend you watch No Game No Life this season because it seems like one of the stronger contenders thus far. I will check in with you guys next week for the new episode!

– Cloudy

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5 thoughts on “No Game No Life First Impressions

  1. For the first episode have to say the silly/serious exchanges between Shiro and Sora were fun to watch. Get the feeling it will probably be a wacky comedic balance with some somewhat serious situations. Can’t wait for your thoughts on next week’s episode on this.

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