Mekaku City Actors First Impressions…?

Mekaku City Actors PosterMekaku City Actors is based on the hype over a video featuring a song called Kageou Daze that was shared on Niconico. The song has generated over three million views, a light novel and manga adaptation has been produced based on the fandom. The premise follows a strange set of characters all holding different powers in their eyes.

Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

“Once upon a time, there was a little monster. This monster, who spent itme unmeasured in the shadows, began to wonder where she had come from, and why. Who in the world created me? And why?”

The main character is Shintaro Kisaragi, an eighteen year old NEET who has shut himself in his house for almost two years, using only his computer to interact with the outside world. One year prior to the start of the story in a flashback, we see Shintaro receive an email that unleashes c cyber-program girl named Ene into his computer. When a conversation with Ene one day causes him to spill soda on his keyboard, Shintaro is forced to go outside and buy a new laptop. He encounters some strange people. He ends up passed out and kidnapped as a hostage of a burglary situation.

The animation and art style is very modern with elements of surrealism in a great number of scenes. I highly recommend you check out the original video from Kagerou Project as styles from those videos are reiterated in the series. SHAFT’s animation styles and finesse really bring the force of the aesthetic of Kagerou Project to its fullest. In terms of episode 1, regular viewers will find the story difficult to pick up on even aware of the premise. The somewhat abstract surrealism of it all doesn’t help and the episode can seem somewhat scattered and brain tricky on first glance. Mekaku City Actors made me think. A lot. And not necessarily in a good way. I’m still really confused about many of the things that actually happened so if you’re intent on following the series I would highly recommend you follow up on the light novels or manga to get a better grasp of the story.

Mekaku City Actors Episode 1 (21)


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4 thoughts on “Mekaku City Actors First Impressions…?

  1. I know what you mean. Very, very confusing episode. Want to say wasn’t but it was and the surrealism styled animation only made things trickier. I like a brain workout though so like it. Pretty sure an illusion was involved related to one of the eye users which was used on Shintaro. I’m very much loving this series reminds me of the Bakemonogatari anime series.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this series for a while. I’ve told myself multiple times that I would read the light novels and manga but I’ve never gotten around to it xD

    I agree that the first episode was extremely confusing. I had no idea what was going on. That being said, it’s made me really curious about the series and I have enough motivation to go ahead and check out the manga and light novels now. Also, I should prob read them since I’m planning on cosplaying one of the characters from the series at Anime North this year xD

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