Nisekoi Episode 13 and 14 Review

Nisekoi Episode 13 (29)

After a crazy two weeks of new spring anime episode impressions, we are back with Nisekoi today. Although I found time for Nisekoi when episode 13 was released, I felt that it would be better to group both 13 and 14 together to put everything in perspective.

Episode 13 Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

Nisekoi Episode 13 (6)The photos from the school trip remind Raku of potential photos from his childhood. His father confirms that there’s a box in the storehouse containing photographs from the trip they took ten years ago. These brief scenes open the show and then we don’t return to this development till the midpoint of the episode…

Back at school, the gang heads to a burger place to study. Raku continues to ponder his memories regarding the girl and the promise. Onodera gets the feeling that Raku really does like Chitoge despite their false relationship status. More ensuring comedy takes place with their ridiculous homework haha.

Nisekoi Episode 13 (22)Later at home, Raku finds the picture of the girl with the key… and it turns out to be NEITHER Ondoera nor Chitoge. TWIST RIGHT? Well, if you’ve read the manga, you know what’s coming. Raku is totally shaken by this finding because he has absolutely no recollection of the little red headed girl in the photo. After school, it’s raining and he bumps into Chitoge. They share an umbrella on the way home and it turns out to be a pretty cute moment for them because Raku finds out that Chitoge, in addition to her fear of the dark is also afraid of thunderstorm. They end up in a little gazebo on the way home where they compare photos from the trip. They JUST ABOUT HAVE A MOMENT but Raku’s father pulls up on a nice limousine and tells Raku that Raku is to meet his fiancé. Fiancé. HE SAID FIANCEE. LOL

Episode 14 Rating: 4.5/5 bemused clouds Crop_45 Clouds Transparent

Nisekoi Episode 14 (2)SOOOOOO Everyone’s pretty shocked that Raku has a fiancée. Well, Raku’s father made some promise with a friend that they would marry their kids and the girl’s grown up believing that she’s going to marry Raku. His father reminds Raku that the photo Raku found earlier was of the little girl… technically the girl with the key. So anyway, this is the point of the series that gets REALLY confusing. Raku’s fiancée transfers into the class. A lovely sparkly redhead named Marika Tachibana. All the guys JUST HATE Raku just because all the transfer girls and the cute girls end up falling for him AHAHA.

Nisekoi Episode 14 (9)Marika brings so many sparkly hearts and twinkles with her to the show. Marika basically throws herself at Raku in front of the class and claims to be his fiancée WHICH IS TOTALLY AWKWARD BECAUSE IT’S IN FRONT OF CHITOGE (HIS SUPPOSED GIRLFRIEND), ONODERA (HIS ACTUAL CRUSH) AND EVERYONE ELSE IN THE CLASS. Chitoge has no choice but to reclaim Raku as her boyfriend and Marika is totally shocked when she finds out… OHMIGOD. SHIT IS GETTING REAL HERE. DRAMA ESCALATES WHEN MARIKA CALLS CHITOGE A GORILLA GIRL. Tsugumi points a gun at Marika and Marika’s ENTIRE BAND OF BODYGUARDS CHARGES IN TO PROTECT HER. Turns out that Marika’s father is the police commissioner… DAMN. Raku’s really caught in a hard spot now.

Marika fakes her dizziness and has Raku bring her to the infirmary. Raku explains that he barely remembers Marika and has had no idea regarding the marriage. Since it’s been ten years, Raku claims that they’re practically strangers but Marika claims that she only loves Raku. TALK ABOUT FORWARD (especially in Japanese anime where people are much more reserved). Raku asks Marika about the promise AND SHE CLAIMS TO REMEMBER TOO.

Nisekoi Episode 14 (27)Chitoge, Onodera Tsugumi and Ruri are all eavesdropping outside… awkward. Chitoge’s really forced into an uncomfortable position as Raku’s girlfriend despite the ever assertive Marika and Raku’s reputation as a nice guy is getting shadier by the moment with other girls whispering about him in the halls. Marika suggests that they go on a date and Raku uses Chitoge as an excuse but Marika basically blackmails Raku with the potential outbreak of war between the police commissioners and the yakuza.

Raku more or less sees the date as a way for him to jog his memory about the promise ten years ago. Marika is a real piece of work, bringing entire hordes of policemen with her whenever she goes out. Tsugumi, Chitoge and Onodera all end up following the couple on their date since everyone’s hella curious about Marika. Marika mentions in passing that she doesn’t like girls with long hair (back story secret) and later when they end up in the park, Raku inquires about the truth of the details of the promise ten years ago. Marika agrees to tell Raku the truth in exchange for Raku’s break up with Chitoge. Raku refuses. YES TEN POINTS FOR RAKU! Saying that he wouldn’t abandon Chitoge for selfish reasons. WOW HE’S PRETTY AWESOME HERE.

Marika calls out Chitoge for eavesdropping and even though Marika claims that she made the promise with Raku, I have a very strong feeling that Marika is just lying to keep Raku around. I have to admit, the way Marika treats Chitoge is pretty cold. Marika takes a quick leave after Chitoge. Nisekoi Episode 14 (46)When Marika leaves her purse behind, Raku tries to catch her and overhears Marika talking with her personal attendant about her medicine. Despite Marika’s aggressiveness, Raku is still pretty nice to her regarding her physical frailties. Marika asks Raku what he finds so attractive about Chitoge. Despite her flaws, he recognizes her flaws and sort of trusts Chitoge. Raku tells Marika that he absolutely does not remember her nor does he know of anyone that talks like her. Raku asks Marika then why she has feelings for him. Marika’s angry pissed yandere side comes out and TOTALLY BLOWS UP AT RAKU. She completely explodes, her accent emerges and her temper flares, Raku here remembers her as “Marie.” Marika’s pissed because she utterly grew out her hair to be a girly girl, changed the way she talks and acts so that Raku would like her back. Wow.

Nisekoi Episode 14 (42)Lots of heavy plot development in episode 14, the entire Marika introduction was fast-paced and exasperating. Personally she’s my least favourite character in the series just because she’s so unrelenting in her pursuit for Raku’s affections. I’m still a diehard Raku and Chitoge fan so I’m really rooting for them. What began as a simple lock and key childhood promise premise has spiralled into a complex comedy romance story. We’ve seen how Raku interacts with Chitoge, Onodera and then Tsugumi. Can’t wait to see how it will all unfold with Marika or how Raku will get off the hook with his “engagement.”

– Cloudy

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