Nobunaga the Fool Episode 14 Review

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 14 (50)

NEW OPENING AND ENDING SEQUENCE!!! I enjoyed both a lot more than the first ones because there was a lot more emotion packed into the beginning and the ending song was definitely great to showcase the turmoil of emotions in the background of the story.

Rating: 5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_55 CuriousClouds Transparent

Other than the fact that Chalemagne ends up being obsessed with the Carthaginian Leader Hannibal WHO’S A GIRL, I really liked this episode. It amuses me that the name of Charlamagne’s Regalia is named Carolus Magnus hinting at the history of the Caroliginian Empire while Hannibal’s Regalia is named Novo Carthago meaning New Carthage after his conquest through the Alps. Now, aside from this strange historical twist and the fact that the subs team I followed failed to translate “The Empress” properly and butchered it into “imperatrice,” Nobunaga the Fool Episode 14 has reached a new turning point where more characters from the west are being mixed into the fray.

Because Hannibal and Charlemagne’s regalia attack with ice elemental powers, the entire Owari has been frozen in snow. Charlemagne forces Nobunaga to surrender his Regalia and I thoroughly enjoyed comparing the ideologies of honor in battle. In exchange for the lives of the hostages and a cease fire, Joan offers her Regalia. Nobunaga the Fool Episode 14 (48)Hannibal recognizes Joan as the girl who sees visions and agrees to release the victims but in doing so, Charlemagne utterly shatters in everyone in ice. Hannibal reiterates that King Arthur is the saviour king and Charlemagne completely destroys the Fool. Da Vinci discovers that the ice duo is getting their powers from the clouds in the sky but the Oda allies lack the means to strike it down. Caesar arrives just before Charlemagne can deal the final blow to Nobunaga and when asked why Caesar would turn his blade against the Brothers of the Round Table, Caesar claims that he does it out of love for his bride. WOOT WOOT ICHIHIME!!!!! Uesugi Kenshin ARRIVES – REINFORCEMENTS AND FIRE POWER!!! SHE TAKES DOWN CHARLEMAGNE FOR HONOUR AND RIGHTEOUSNESS and even amputates Hannibal’s arm. Charlemagne entrusts his Regalia to Hannibal and sacrifices his life to send her back to the ship of the west.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 14 (53)After the credits when Hannibal returns to the ship with the two Regalia, she’s stabbed by Cesare in the back, yes Cesare, not Caesar; they are two different people because Cesare is a Borgia. Historically the Borgia were a notorious family that controlled the state through papal influence. Seems like it rings true even in Japanese anime.

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 14 (34)We find out a few interesting things in this episode. The first is that the idea of saviour-king is indeed a contested fact in this story and who will save the world or destroy it has finally been etched out in the messy pacing of the plot… and not a second too late. The next importance tidbit is that the Regalia BLEEDS. Yes, it is very much an immediate extension of the self and although the pilot is not physically injured, he probably feels the pain inflicted on the mecha armour. Third, I cannot believe that Caesar just turned his back on the round table out of LOVE for Ichihime. What began from lust became a very respectful marriage. I really like how Caesar treats Ichihime. Hopefully Ichihime will remain safe and her influence on her husband will benefit the Oda clan. Joan has been taken hostage by the people of the west so I’m interested to see how Nobunaga will react to that both politically and personally. And how will Da Vinci repair the Fool in its intensely battered condition?

Really heavily action packed episode. Lots of great character and plot development. Hope the series keeps it up!

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Nobunaga the Fool Episode 14 Review

  1. This was an excellent episode and seriously Caesar/Ichihime has been my OTP since ep 5 (yeah, the moment he liked her XD) and must say this was awesome for that. I had a theory that they would marry as it seemed like Caesar took the place of Nobunaga’s historical rival. And like that person being a bridge to Kyoto, Caesar would be a bridge to the Western star (not quite like the bridge I thought he would be, but still is). But gosh, never thought his love for her would go THAT far. All I can say is she better fall for him after he treated her like that and choosing her over Arthur. He just threw everything away for her. Seriously, Caesar is the best male chara in this series with Ichihime being the best female. Awesome team!

    A lot of people don’t like Caesar because he killed Ichi’s father (though some are changing now), but what he did was during a battle. And her father went foolishly to fight him to try and kill Caesar (seem to forget that), so ofcourse he wound up dead. Also Caesar didn’t know the guy personally it was just war. But they ship Mitsu/Ichi forgetting how he killed her brother. Which is way worse in my opinion as that was traitorous and he knew him (I like Mitsu, I really do, but don’t approve this double standard of people). But then again some people are like this, what’s new in fandoms when it comes to shipping, eh?

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