Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 2 Review

We return to the Irregular at Magic High School where we last left off at Tatsuya’s cleverness with the Disciplinary Committee and Student Council. The Blooms don’t seem that a Weed helped them off the hook and they insist that Miyuki should be hanging out with the Blooms rather than the Weeds. The Shiba Siblings meet Honoka Mitsui and her quiet friend.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 2 (7)More of Tatsuya’s brilliant analytical and technological abilities emerge in the interactions with their friends. They continuously mention CADs but no one gives any explanations of what they are. CAD stands for Casting Assistance Device which is basically a processor for spells. The CAD replaced archaic artifacts like talismans, wands, magic circles and became the main medium for spell casting. Magic energy is referred to as Psion waves in this magic system. These are the probably two of the basic ideas that will help you understand what’s been shown thus far.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 2 (9)After the little clash, the next day, Miyuki and Tatsuya are both invited to a lunch with the Student Council president where Miyuki has been nominated for the position of first year student representative. Miyuki immediate speaks up and asks if there would be a position for her brother as well. As put together and polite as Miyuki is, she always seems to get the most worked up over affairs concerning her brother. President Saegusa introduces to us three new characters – Suzune Ichihara (Treasurer), Mari Watanabe (Disciplinary Committee Chairwoman), and Azusa Nakajo (secretary). Hanzo, although not present is the vice president of the student council.

More incest is implied between the Shiba siblings when Tatsuya makes a joke (LOL).

Unfortunately, there isn’t a place for course 2 students on the student council. However, Mari offers a position on the Disciplinary Committee for Tatsuya. President Saegusa seconds the nomination and the student council hopes that a course 2 student present in the disciplinary committee will help bridge the social gap between course 1 and course 2 students. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 2 (22)Tatsuya raises concerns about his lack of practical ability but Mari vouches her ability to manage such instances of violence should they occur and Tatsuya is then coerced into the position. When the Shiba siblings return to the student council room at the end of the day, they officially meet Hanzo Gyobu Hattori who is the vice president of the student council. Hanzo intensely disapproves of the decision to place a course 2 student on the Disciplinary Committee. When Miyuki steps forward to defend her brother’s merits against Hanzo, he accuses Miyuki of have clouded judgement due to nepotism. It’s only here when Miyuki’s honour is questioned that Tatsuya finally speaks up for himself. He challenges Hanzo against a simulation battle. GASP

Everyone is shocked because a course 2 student would never challenge a course 1 student into a magic battle just because of the lack of practical talent. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 2 (33)Tatsuya and Miyuki share a sweet sibling moment and Miyuki resolves to cheer her brother on. Tatsuya loads up his gun and Hanzo looks immensely confident. Mari sets the rules as referee and everyone tenses up before the battle. IN battle between magicians, whoever strikes quick enough and strikes first wins. I like how the anime showed the pre-battle perspective from Hanzo’s point of view in order to generate suspense on Tatsuya’s part because it’d be pretty anti-climactic if we knew what Tatsuya was planning. The battle begins. AND IT IMMEDIATELY ENDS. In an instant, in a flash, Tatsuya has appeared behind Hanzo. Hanzo collapses forward and victory goes to Tatsuya!!

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 2 (43)We will find out what exactly it was that Tatsuya did in order to win in the explanation in the next episode. If you’re eager to know, check out the light novel or the manga online as the anime has mirrored the original light novel story very closely at the moment. I am immensely enjoying Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei however, I found that much of the magic explanations are not given even when classroom scenes are presented to us. All we really know is that magic is processed somehow through a technological medium rather than the use of spells or other physical objects. The breakdown of the magic into numbers and figures is really practical and rather complex in the light novel but the explanations are much clearer. So far, I’m pleased with how the anime is turning out and I’m looking forward to more.

– Cloudy

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