Broken Blade Episodes 1 and 2 Impressions

Broken Blade Episode 1 and 2 (1)

The story takes place in a mecha fantasy sort of world where almost all people are sorcerers who can manipulate quartz stones as the energy source. Our main protagonist is an easy-going but somewhat odd fellow named Rygart Arrow who is actually unable to control quartz. Rygart starts off as a countryside like character who doesn’t seem that interested in politics but he actually has quite a few powerful friends from his days back at the academy.

Rating: 4/5 solid happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Introductions!! The King of Krisna – Hodr, our hero Rygart, the Queen of Krisna – Sigyn and the brother of the commander-in-chief of Athens – Zess, all use to be buddies at the military academy together. I like how the closeness between the characters was portrayed through their interactions rather than a bunch of cheesy flashbacks. Rygart seems like the one who’s always been keeping the three together and he can easily dispel any of the stoic atmosphere in court. Even Hodr’s advisors are surprised at how easygoing Rygart can address the King and Queen.

Currently in the political fabric of the plot on the Continent of Cruzon, the Empire of Krisna is clashing with Athens along the border who have just annexed Assam, a country located between them. Broken Blade Episode 1 and 2 (13)The skirmish has taken place at Mizoram Fortress and the man leading the unit against the empire is Zess, the last member of their group from the academy. After the overarching premise has been revealed between the conversations and the characters generally introduced, Hodr brings Rygart underground to see a Golem that was uncovered recently. Hodr posits that the body revealed in the Golem possessed no remnants of magick at hall. Hodr ends up inviting Rygart to assist the department. This is all pretty obvious that Rygart will end up piloting the golem.

Broken Blade Episode 1 and 2 (11)Although Rygart suggests that Hodr give into Athens and seek peace, Hodr reveals that the surrender of the Krishnan Empire means the execution of the entire royal family. This utterly shocks Rygart and generally moves his character more steadily into the politics core of the plot. When enemy troops attack the underground area where the Golem is, Rygart ends up inside the Golem and saves Hodr just before he’s about to be blasted by an enemy mecha. Rygart gets a pretty cool transformation reveal but I’m not a big fan of the ice animation. I think it could have been done a lot smoother, perhaps a bit sparklier to give an epic reveal. Instead, Rygart has more or less clumsily yanked the machine out of the ground.

Broken Blade Episode 1 and 2 (16)Operating the mecha seems generally intuitive for Rygart and as “ancient” as the Golem is supposed to be, the design looks pretty innovative. Zess immediately appears and tackles the Golem to the ground. The tension between Zess, Rygart and Hodr from their past friendship and the political strains of the present give an added layer of complexity to the plot which I enjoyed. The flashbacks definitely help. Zess does not believe that Rygart’s inside the mecha and they fight. Luckily, reinforcements arrive to save the King and both sides retreat. What made the character interactions so emotionally charged was the amazing voice acting by the cast reprising their roles. Hodr by Yuuichi Nakamura, Rygart by Souichirou Hoshi, Sigyn by Chiwa Saito and Zess by Hiroshi Kamiya.

Broken Blade Episode 1 and 2 (5)As the Krisnan Queen analyzes the Golem she tells Rygart that the ancients mainly relied on metals, oil and other heat tolerant materials for construction rather than simply quartz which was only used for the inner frame of the Golem. Although the Golem is pretty much a relic, the quartz was used cleverly inside and pretty much left intact but the thing itself is pretty corroded on the outside. Sigyn presses Rygart for details regarding the Golem. Listen closely in episode 2 because the title is already brought into the script (that was quick). Overall I found the first two episodes both immensely strong in setting up the series, possibly because this is the sixth time they’re adapting the Break Blade world. By the end of the second episode, Zess’s forces are already launching a second attack on the Krisnan Kingdom. Rygart volunteers to go despite his Golem being in a pretty rough shape. Rygart believes he can convince Zess not to wage war. Sigyn posits to herself (and the audience) that perhaps Rygart is a descendant of the ancients…

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